Harvard Hosts ‘Gathering To Breathe And Heal’ Event To Help Students Grieve Claudine Gay’s Ouster


The distinguished Harvard Divinity School’s Department of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging recently orchestrated a gathering entitled ‘Healing and Breathing,’ an event strategically convened last Thursday. Its primary objective was to furnish a communal platform for students profoundly impacted by the abrupt transition in the presidential office, with the intention of facilitating emotional convalescence and fostering unity to sustain an academically robust environment.

Regrettably, former President Claudine Gay, whose enduring contributions persist within the administrative framework, found herself embroiled in a tumultuous situation culminating in her resignation. Last month, she stepped down amidst a cloud of controversy, prompted by allegations of plagiarism in relation to her scholarly works.

Whilst President Claudine Gay’s tenure was succinct, it was not immune to scrutiny, stemming not only from the aforementioned allegations but also from perceived inadequacies in addressing the escalating concern of antisemitism on campus. Her departure left a palpable void and elicited a wave of consternation among the student body.

As outlined in the school’s official bulletin, a substantive segment of the student fraternity contends with the departure of Gay as they initiate the new semester. The abrupt leadership transition has cast a somber pall, rendering the return to campus life a somewhat apprehensive undertaking.

The communicated sentiment underscores that the sense of loss transcends the personal realm; it resonates on a broader scale, emanating from incidents of national and global upheavals, violence, natural calamities, and consequentially contributing to heightened strains of tension and division within the Harvard community.

Significantly, this profound melancholy encompasses the resignation of former President Claudine Gay, exacerbating the emotional impact for those who regarded her as an emblem of resilience.

The coordination of this pivotal event was entrusted to Melissa Wood Bartholomew, the Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. In collaboration with Steph Gauchel, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, they executed the gathering with the explicit vision of providing solace to those undergoing distress.

Collectively, they cultivated an environment that encouraged participants to articulate their anxieties, challenges, and sentiments, leveraging the therapeutic efficacy of shared experiences. This orchestrated facilitation of open dialogue holds the potential to fortify the commitment to unity and mutual understanding within the institutional framework.

Their strategic approach was centered on navigating prevailing academic challenges while concurrently laying the groundwork for a resilient future. The overarching objective was to guide the institution through transformative changes in a manner that underscores resilience and unity.

The department unequivocally expressed its steadfast dedication to navigating the organization through extant challenges, conceptualizing a strategy underpinned by principles of restorative justice. This serves as a demonstration of resilience in the face of evaluation and change.

Such a philosophy is deeply ingrained in their commitment to cultivating a harmonious environment and ensuring the perpetuity of a non-discriminatory and inclusive learning milieu for every student, regardless of their individual background.

The event, undoubtedly, stands as a testament to the department’s unwavering commitment to steadfastness. While reiterating a commitment to progress, their approach is firmly rooted in the traditional principles of indigenous justice practices and the operationalization of love.

In the heart of this progressive institution, the luminosity may have dimmed momentarily, yet the dedicated staff and faculty members have unveiled a beacon to guide their community, substantiating that unity can indeed serve as a wellspring of strength in overcoming adversity.

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