Hillary Clinton Smacked With Brutal Reality Check

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton exhibited a notable disconnection from reality during her recent address on the subject of the “war on truth” during the second day of the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in New York City.

Hillary, who is widely seen as lacking self-awareness, delivered a speech during one of the panels hosted at the two-day event titled “Journalism on the Frontlines: How Protecting Freedom of the Press Supports All Human Rights.”

Shortly following the conclusion of the panelists’ roundtable discussion, Hillary Clinton proceeded to deliver a speech centered on the concept of “truth,” wherein she expounded upon the actuality of the various challenges encountered by journalists on a global scale.

In a hypothetical scenario, Clinton, who has a history of suppressing journalists in several instances, some of which will not be elaborated upon in this context, expressed the notion that it is incumbent upon us to safeguard the media against encroachments on their ability to pose inquiries.

Clinton endeavored to present herself as a staunch advocate for journalists and the First Amendment, articulating her perception of the perils encountered by the press during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Clinton neglected to acknowledge the occurrence of instances where journalists face attacks due to expressing viewpoints that deviate from the prevailing left-wing narrative.

Furthermore, she expressed her inability to refrain from passionately discussing the challenges faced by journalists, who, according to her assertions, encounter hostility from individuals with the intention of fabricating “alternative facts to support false narratives.”

The term “alternative facts,” as used by Clinton, refers to media reports that she or the left-wing Democrats find unfavorable, particularly those that have shed light on her alleged criminality.

Clinton asserted the existence of a substantial conflict against truth, “We have a very real war on truth, facts, and reason,” urging individuals to fulfill their responsibility in safeguarding “free and honest journalism, to help keep all of us informed, to hold institutions to account.”

She proceeded to assert “You can’t have a democracy if you don’t have people reporting on what leaders are doing.”

Please observe the video provided below at the one hour and four minute point.

We’re in the midst of a real war on truth, facts, and reason. Assaults on the free press have to be taken seriously.

Thanks @jrezaian@DanaPerino, @jodieginsberg, @almarlatour, and @InternewsJeanne for taking on this important topic at #CGI2023. pic.twitter.com/K16SyJgQgS

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 19, 2023

The extent to which Clinton has undermined the institution of journalism throughout her political career is remarkable, particularly in light of her current assertion of being a proponent of “freedom of the press.”

The observation of irony about Clinton’s self-proclamation as a “truth warrior” was duly noted by certain individuals on X, previously referred to as Twitter.

Hillary Clinton warns the U.S. is fighting a “war on truth”. @CharlesHurt: “The Clintons, both of them, were blessed with an extraordinary degree of not having any shame whatsoever.” pic.twitter.com/dV3vnhj7iq

— The Bottom Line (@BottomLineFBN) September 19, 2023

Hillary Clinton wanted to drone kill Julian Assange and created a private server in order to circumvent foia requests from the press. https://t.co/cjdA0EAoNb

— a newsman (@a_newsman) September 19, 2023

This observation was made by a perceptive Twitter user, “This is rich coming from the woman whose campaign paid for the Steele dossier to be disseminated…”

Additionally, it is worth noting that throughout her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton employed a practice of segregating reporters by confining them within a designated rope line, resembling the containment of cattle.

Reporters following Hillary Clinton dragged behind an actual ropeline pic.twitter.com/0dPKTT2KpW

— Liz Kreutz (@LizKreutzNews) July 4, 2015

Clinton has been observed to maintain records on journalists and evaluate them based on their level of friendliness and perceived inclination to provide positive coverage.

This particular approach is not aligned with the principles of press freedom. Furthermore, if Clinton asserts her commitment to veracity, individuals ought to bring to her attention her controversial history.

It is important to acknowledge the significant presence of Clinton’s hypocrisy, which was evident in her criticism of President Donald Trump for legally storing presidential materials at his Mar-a-Lago house subsequent to his Federal indictment.

Hillary Clinton, who employed a personal email system for the purpose of conducting official governmental affairs, was perhaps an ill-suited individual to levy criticism at Donald Trump for his handling of secret documents.

According to a disclosure made by Judicial Watch, a non-profit organization, a significant number of emails belonging to Clinton were found to contain secret information, including the identification of a covert Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative.

The individual in question engaged in the transmission of classified information through a privately operated server, while also making efforts to conceal her actions by deleting emails and disposing of BlackBerrys that were subject to legal requests.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton employed the utilization of BleachBit, a costly software application, in order to eradicate a total of 33,000 emails. Additionally, she resorted to the physical destruction of multiple BlackBerrys by means of a hammer.

The individual in question shown a high level of commitment and dedication in preventing the initiation of Espionage Act charges against her. It is worth noting that during her tenure as the director of the Department of State, a Chinese business, purportedly affiliated with Chinese intelligence, successfully gained unauthorized access to her secret emails.

During a 2018 hearing, Congressman Louie Gohmert, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, disclosed that the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) had determined that a significant majority of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails had been transmitted to a foreign entity.

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