Hillary Sneaks Her Way Back Into The White House To Take Over For Jill

She’s wanted it for so long, but the people didn’t. She found a way to sneak back in though.

It is anticipated that Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, will make a noteworthy public appearance at the White House in the upcoming week, marking a rare occurrence since her departure from the political sphere.

The White House has made an official announcement of Clinton’s forthcoming appearance on Tuesday, wherein she will participate in the commemoration of the recipients of the 2023 Praemium Imperiale. This esteemed international accolade, bestowed yearly by the Japan Art Association, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the arts over their lives.

Hillary is scheduled to participate in the arts event with the first lady, Jill Biden, who has recently received a positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

Clinton, a former senator from New York and secretary of state, who subsequently secured the Democratic nomination for the presidency, has exhibited infrequent presence at such gatherings following her defeat in the 2016 presidential race against Donald Trump.

The inaugural ceremony honoring the recipients of the Praemium Imperiale awards took place at the White House in 1994, presided over by President Bill Clinton and the then-first lady.

Despite President Biden’s good COVID-19 test on Monday, the upcoming event scheduled for next week is still scheduled to proceed.

Last month, Clinton was transported by ambulance from her and her husband Bill Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, to the emergency room of a hospital located in the immediate area.

According to sources, Hillary “was fine one minute, and in serious difficulty the next minute.” Other information regarding the abrupt and life-threatening occurrence was not made available to the public, Hal Turner Radio Show exclusively reported.

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to medical emergencies as she seemed to suffer a series of alarming health-related issues while running for president against Donald Trump in 2020. She tried her best to conceal what appeared to be an evolving condition that was never publicly addressed, leading to a lot of questions and conspiracy due to the secrecy of what she seemed to be hiding.

In order to keep the specifics of her medical care a secret during her campaigning in 2016, Hillary was on her way to the emergency room after her terrifying collapse at the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony. However, she made a detour to her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s residence to avoid attention on the matter, the NY Post reported.

Also in August, Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, expressed strong criticism towards Hillary. This was in response to Clinton’s reaction, characterized by laughter, to Trump’s recent indictment.

Hillary Clinton, who experienced defeat in the 2016 presidential race against Donald Trump, displayed visible amusement in response to her former opponent’s indictment during her appearance on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show on Monday.

“Oh I can’t believe this!” she said and thereafter erupted into laughing upon learning about the recent indictment of Donald Trump in Georgia. The charges against him pertain to his endeavors aimed at overturning the outcomes of the 2020 presidential election.

Lara Trump, though, expressed her discontent and criticized Clinton during her appearance on the Fox News program “Hannity” on Tuesday evening.

“She went into that interview with Rachel Maddow, by the way, laughing. She was laughing about this last night,” Trump objected. “Let me tell you something; there is nothing funny about this.”

She added:

There’s nothing funny about the erosion of our American values, about the erosion of our Constitution, about the weaponization of our systems like Third World countries do against political opponents. Nothing funny, Sean, about our current president of the United States selling out our country to enrich his family, and of all people, Hillary Clinton, to be talking about this, who admitted to doing things criminally that are far worse than anything Donald Trump is even accused of doing, yet as you pointed out, no indictment there.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Jill Biden “is doing well.” She is currently convalescing in the state of Delaware.

The occurrence arises in the context of the Biden administration’s decision to offer prior invitations to former President Obama and the Clintons.

In April 2022, former President Obama made a visit to the White House, marking his first return since the conclusion of his presidential term. The purpose of his visit was to partake in a commemorative ceremony that honored the Affordable Care Act, a significant healthcare legislation that bears his name.

In the subsequent month, President Biden and former President Clinton convened for a luncheon at the White House.

On Wednesday morning, Jean-Pierre provided clarification that President Biden has received a negative COVID test result, subsequent to negative test results obtained in the two preceding days. Joe Biden consistently dons a mask, but frequently chooses to remove it, which Dr. Fauci does not recommend but apparently Joe doesn’t listen to him.

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