Historian with Reagan Expertise Deems Biden ‘Worst President In History’

Distinguished historian, renowned for his biographies of Ronald Reagan, has expressed his critical perspective on Joe Biden’s tenure as President, predicting he might end up as the ‘most ineffective’ leader the United States Executive Branch has ever seen. The historian, Craig Shirley by name, offered these candid thoughts in reaction to a recently conducted survey that rated Biden higher than Reagan, placing him as the 14th on the list of ‘most outstanding presidents’ in the Nation’s history.

In response to this survey, Shirley stated, ‘It gave me a sense of unease,’ qualifying the survey’s so-called experts as skewed towards the left. He shared, that in his opinion, Biden has not lived up to the demanding role of the presidency. ‘Biden will, in time, be seen by impartial historians as the least effective president in the annals of the United States,’ he conveyed in his interaction with the Washington Examiner.

Shirley’s latest work, a book titled ‘The Search for Reagan’, reinforces the author’s credentials as a leading authority on the 40th president. He is also on the cusp of publishing another insightful biography, this time on the life and political journey of an earlier executive-wielding tycoon, ex-President Donald Trump. Shirly’s thoughts on Biden’s performance, however, did not stop there.

Dismissing any notion of Biden being a successful or effective President, he stated, ‘The suggestion that Biden has been a great President is mere folly. It’s humbug, it’s laughable. If we were to measure success, what achievements could we point to, apart from nationwide overspending? And truly, anyone can overspend,’ he remarked during the interview.

He, however, acknowledged some similarities between Biden and his predecessors, stating, ‘There are certain parallels more evident than what one might think. They both question authority, they both challenge the longstanding norms of the Washington cognoscenti.’

In a strategic move, Republican representatives are rolling out several legislative endeavors designed to undermine Biden in anticipation of the hotly contested elections of 2024. These initiatives are surfacing as a ‘secondary strategy’ as GOP leaders have pragmatically assessed their chances of impeaching the President as unlikely.

This analysis comes due to the President’s perceived inaction in handling immigration issues and securing borders, as well as speculation around past corruption involving his family. Politico has reported this information, tacitly suggesting the GOP’s dissatisfaction with Biden’s ability to steer the ship of the nation.

As Politico noted, ‘Republicans are eager to keep the momentum going on initiatives that align with the priorities of the GOP base, especially considering the potential fallout of a complete withdrawal from these issues, which could disappoint conservatives whose votes are crucial for the November elections.’

So, GOP is considering alternative strategies to keep the focus on Biden, one of which includes allegations that public offices performed by Biden were wielded to promote his family’s business interests. These alternate game plans encompass legislative amendments, stringent finance declaration provisions, and impeding foreign lobbying strategies.

Furthermore, GOP’s alternate strategies include targeting potential legal referrals for Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and others, toward the Department of Justice. They are also contemplating a lawsuit to demand testimonies from key Department of Justice officials.

There is an ongoing debate within the GOP conference in favor of extending the investigation, thereby potentially pushing it closer to the Election Day, as indicated by Politico’s report.

As America embarks on another interesting year loaded with political activities, voters and politicians alike are curious, watching and preparing for what will unfold. It is within this tense and building narrative that the stage is set for another politically challenging and dynamic period leading up to the 2024 elections.

Undeniably, the events of the near future will continue shaping the public’s perception of President Biden’s presidency. Whether he will indeed go down in history as the ‘most ineffective’ president as Craig Shirley predicts, only time will tell.

Ultimately, it is the voice of the citizens, expressed through their vote in the next election that will decide whether they see Biden’s presidency as a period of success or disappointment. As we look toward this future, the political landscape promises to be as dynamic and engaging as ever.

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