Hunter Biden Gives Sickening ‘Gift’ To Daughter In Child Support Settlement

Navy Joan, the daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts, has been handled by the Biden family in a shameful manner, as seen by Joe Biden’s failure to even acknowledge her when he speaks of his grandkids (does he even know she exists?) and his failure to hang up a stocking for her. Roberts requested from Hunter Biden that the child be permitted to use the Biden name, among other things. Hunter, though, fought even that little thing. I don’t think I would want my daughter to have that name if I were the mother, but Lunden Roberts believed it may be beneficial for her. Hunter refused to even give that to the kid.

We previously reported on the purported settlement, and it has now been confirmed.

Hunter was the one who brought up this specific point in the continuing child support dispute. In accordance with their arrangement, which they formed in 2020 after it was established through a paternity test that he was the father, he had been paying Roberts $20,000 every month. He had objected. But afterwards, he sought to reduce the amount he was paying for his daughter, saying that his financial situation had changed and he could no longer afford to do so. Even though he was requesting the cut, he continued to put off fully disclosing his financial condition to the court. Lunden Roberts attended the deposition where they eventually managed to get him to show up, and soon after that, this settlement.

Since that information was removed from the settlement paperwork that were made available to the public, it is still unclear how much they decided Biden must pay each month for his daughter. However, as we had already mentioned, a source told the New York Post that it had been reduced to $5,000. Roberts decided not to request the child be given the Biden name as part of the settlement.

One is forced to ask themselves, “What did the Roberts get out of this deal when it seems like she may have agreed to much less?” as a result. You would assume that this might imply that she received something else up front to justify this. The “worst consolation prize in family court history” is what she received instead, according to Townhall: Hunter has agreed to give his daughter several of his paintings. The youngster will have the option of choosing the painting or paintings or keeping any proceeds from sales of these pieces. But it’s unknown just how many she receives.

Though it was unclear from the filing what the new payments will be, the president’s son will “assign to the child” some of his paintings, “which shall vary in size with a minimum size of 24×24.” The number of paintings along with the new amount for the child support payments were both redacted from the filing.

Additionally, “the child shall select the painting which shall either be sent to the child” or to a gallery designated by Roberts, the filing says.

He probably has a ton of his paintings in his home; what a great opportunity to get out of the situation without having to put up any real money. The artworks have received estimates ranging from $75,000 to $500,000. They might actually be worth something. Naturally, this led to a plethora of inquiries regarding the likelihood of money laundering using this kind of artwork and sums of money. The White House then intervened and declared that they would conceal the purchases so that only the proprietor of the gallery would be aware—Hunter. Of course, if that were the case, we also wouldn’t know who was providing Hunter with funding through that ingenious scheme. Even the White House’s engagement seemed to imply a conflict of interest. In 2021, the arrangement was criticized even by the Obama ethics adviser.

Additionally, this ends further inquiries into his finances. They’re attempting to make room for his father’s 2024 reelection bid. However, it doesn’t halt other activities like the deposition he was compelled to give in the defamation case brought against him by the owner of a computer repair shop, nor does it stop the Congressional probe into their overseas financial operations, which keeps turning up new information. If the Bidens believe they can avoid the scandal, they are in for a surprise.

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