Hunter Biden’s Email Implies His Legal Issues May Disappear Under Biden Admin


The House Ways and Means Committee, led by GOP members, recently made public an IRS agent’s response related to an email allegedly sent by Hunter Biden. In the email, he reportedly stated concerns that his ‘stuff’ would vanish if his father became president. The release of documents shows that Hunter Biden and his associates had connections to the White House and Joe Biden’s advisors.

Furthermore, Biden’s associates were instructed not to mention Joe’s involvement. The committee highlights that Hunter Biden’s travels to Ukraine align with U.S. government actions and his own financial gains. These revelations have sparked interest in the ongoing investigations into their activities.

Recently, the IRS initiated an investigation into the alleged crimes concerning Hunter Biden. As part of this investigation, it was discovered that Hunter had expectations that all the allegations would disappear once his father assumed the presidency.

Justin Cole, an IRS public affairs officer, emailed two IRS officials involved in this case, informing them that a CNN producer possessed an email from Hunter Biden expressing his rejection of a plea deal and his anticipation that everything would be resolved when his father took office. The exact date of the email remains unknown.

Among the documents uncovered by the committee is a message from Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud backup dated June 6, 2017. It reveals a conversation between Hunter and his uncle, Jim Biden, discussing the family’s ‘brand.’

In this communication, Hunter questions why he should give away ownership of the family’s brand and essentially sacrifice his entire business life. He expresses his frustration and raises doubts about the necessity of involving Tony, an individual whom he refers to as a ‘marginal bully.’ These details shed light on the dynamics within the Biden family.

The House Oversight Committee has committed to presenting all the evidence gathered thus far in their investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. This presentation coincides with their deliberation on the significance and value of the inquiry.

Chairman Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, emphasized that the evidence discovered thus far exposes how Joe Biden allegedly exploited his public office for his family’s financial gain. Comer also accused President Biden of consistently lying to the American public about his awareness and involvement in these supposed corrupt activities.

Moving forward, the House Judiciary Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Jim Jordan, has announced a scheduled testimony from David Weiss. Weiss, a former U.S. attorney-turned-special counsel, recently indicted Hunter Biden on a gun-related charge.

During a Fox News interview, Jordan shared that Weiss has agreed to appear before the committee on October 18. This testimony will shed further light on the Biden family’s connections and potentially expose any alleged links between the President and his son’s actions during his time on the board of Ukrainian energy corporation Burisma Holdings.

To understand Joe Biden’s potential involvement in alleged corruption, many focus on the issue of Burisma. Hunter Biden’s appointment to the board and his substantial compensation form the basis of this scrutiny. Questions arise regarding Hunter Biden’s qualifications, as he appears to have lacked the necessary expertise for such a role.

Further, the executives at Burisma sought his assistance in dealing with the pressure they faced. Adding to the complexity, Joe Biden’s intervention led to the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, all while leveraging American tax dollars. These factors contribute to a deepening narrative regarding potential corruption.

Chairman Jordan raises an important question. He emphasizes that the Burisma situation encapsulates a central aspect of Joe Biden’s alleged corruption. The Ohio Republican points to Hunter Biden’s appointment, his lack of qualification, the Burisma executives’ request for support, and Joe Biden’s subsequent involvement.

Additionally, Jordan highlights how the Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department seemingly attempted to downplay these issues by allowing the statute of limitations to lapse for Hunter Biden’s serious felony tax concerns. The implicated years coincide with his income from Burisma, suggesting a deliberate oversight.

As preparations for Weiss’s upcoming testimony proceed, Chair James Comer of the House Oversight Committee has announced the establishment of the first impeachment inquiry hearing for President Biden. This hearing is scheduled for September 28 and marks a significant development in the continually evolving landscape of investigations surrounding the Biden family.

Meanwhile, the White House has encouraged its allies in the media to intensify their scrutiny of House Republicans, whom they accuse of initiating an impeachment inquiry based on false claims. These events occur against the backdrop of President Biden’s previously acknowledged ‘quid pro quo’ incident involving Ukraine.

The committee’s revelations, along with ongoing investigations, shed light on the intricate connections and potential conflicts of interest within the Biden family. While accusations of corruption persist, uncovering the truth behind these claims remains crucial for ensuring transparency and upholding the integrity of public office.

As the investigations continue, more significant findings are anticipated, and they will undoubtedly shape the narrative surrounding the Biden administration and its entanglements.

In order to sufficiently address the concerns raised by allegations against the Biden family, it is essential for all relevant parties to undergo rigorous scrutiny and provide comprehensive explanations.

Only through an unbiased and thorough examination can the truth be revealed. It is the responsibility of the American people to pursue the facts and form informed opinions, allowing for a fair assessment of the Biden family’s actions and the potential repercussions on the nation’s political landscape.

The House Ways and Means Committee has acted diligently to bring to public attention the documents and emails related to Hunter Biden and his alleged involvement in questionable activities.

With a commitment to uncovering the truth, these investigations play a crucial role in maintaining the checks and balances that preserve the integrity of our political system. As the various committees continue their work, the American public anticipates further revelations and the potential impact on the Biden administration.

These recent developments serve as a reminder that regardless of political alignment or personal opinions, holding public officials accountable is a fundamental aspect of a functioning democracy.

Investigating allegations of corruption, regardless of how powerful or influential the individuals involved may be, is essential for upholding justice and preserving the public’s trust in the government.

The Biden family, like any other, should be subject to scrutiny and held to the same standards as anyone else. The ongoing investigations will ultimately determine the merits of these allegations and shape the perception of the Biden family’s actions.

While it is important to approach these investigations with an open mind, the evidence uncovered thus far warrants serious consideration. Allegations of corruption within the Biden family have persisted for some time, and it is crucial to address these concerns in a fair and transparent manner.

The American people deserve to know the truth about their elected officials and have confidence in their leaders’ ability to serve the nation’s best interests. The ongoing investigations are vital in providing clarity and enabling individuals to make informed judgments based on the evidence presented.

As the House Oversight Committee and other relevant bodies delve further into the Biden family’s business dealings, it is evident that the potential ramifications extend beyond individual actions. Such investigations have the power to shape public perceptions, influence future elections, and impact the broader political landscape.

As various committees examine the evidence and present their findings, the American people have an opportunity to reflect on the integrity, transparency, and accountability of their elected representatives. These investigations serve as a reminder of the importance of upholding the principles on which our democracy is built.

Examining the conduct of public figures and their families is an aspect of maintaining public trust and ensuring ethical practices within government institutions. It is vital to approach these investigations with impartiality, allowing for a fair assessment of the evidence presented.

The ongoing inquiries will shed light on the actions of the Biden family and their associates, helping to establish whether any ethical or legal boundaries were crossed. The American people, regardless of political affiliation, expect and deserve a government that is free from corruption and prioritizes the best interests of the nation.

It is important to recognize that these investigations are part of a broader effort to safeguard the integrity of public office and ensure accountability. The scrutiny surrounding the Biden family’s actions stems from concerns raised by various sources, which cannot be ignored.

As the investigations progress, it is essential that the evidence be impartially assessed, and the findings be presented to the public. Only through transparency and a commitment to uncovering the truth can we address allegations of corruption and maintain trust in our political system.

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