Hunter Biden’s Friend Fears For His Life, Goes Into Hiding

It’s not at all surprising that a powerful, corrupt political family may want to threaten someone who is about to “sing” to authorities under oath.

According to a source close to Hunter Biden, who is expected to provide Congress with explosive information against the Biden family, the former best buddy, and partner in business is now “in hiding” after getting “threats.”

Devon Archer, 49, admitted to pals that he had to leave both his Long Island and Brooklyn homes but that he still intended to go before the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

The committee summoned Archer to testify in June after learning that he had worked with Hunter on many dubious international transactions.

Archer is expected to testify about encounters he held with Hunter and Archer’s overseas business associates, where Hunter reportedly had Joe Biden on speakerphone, according to an informant who is acquainted with Archer.

According to the source, Hunter’s former Rosemont Seneca consultant partner expressed worry about the safety of himself and his family following the announcement of his intended testimony.

‘There were reports that he was canceling his appearance. They’re not true, he’s not canceling. But he has gotten threats, and he’s concerned about the threats,’ the individual told the Daily Mail.

‘His family has received threats. He doesn’t know who from. But you don’t have to be Dick Tracy to figure that out.’

Another person who knows Archer well denied that he was “hiding,” but they did confirm that he had gotten “threats.”

Archer (far left)

There is currently no proof that Archer or his family have ever been threatened by Hunter, Joe, or any of their allies, but this is a big deal and people in power are sometimes known to go to extremes to keep that power and stay out of legal trouble.

The Daily Caller reported that “Archer, a longtime business associate and friend of Hunter Biden, will appear before the House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee for a transcribed interview on July 31, a committee spokeswoman confirmed to the Daily Caller.”

Archer, who is facing more than a year in prison for defrauding a Native American tribe, will testify about President Joe Biden’s knowledge and involvement in his son’s business dealings, the New York Post reported Sunday. The committee first requested his testimony in June.

Hunter Biden called his father during at least two dozen business meetings held with foreign associates, Archer is reportedly prepared to testify. In some of the calls, Hunter Biden told the then-vice president that he was meeting with business partners, according to the New York Post. Joe Biden has repeatedly denied knowledge of his son’s business activities.

According to the Daily Mail, Devon’s wife who is at their home in Brooklyn, told the outlet ‘He’s not here. He’s not at our other home. He’s not in D.C.’

Republican members of Congress are looking into many questionable deals in which Archer was involved.

When he was Vice President, according to the source who says that Archer is in hiding, Joe Biden allegedly participated directly in their business meetings abroad.

‘Every time they would be wooing clients, in Romania or some other place like that, Devon said, they would always set up a dinner with a round table of four or five companies they were trying to solicit business from,’ The Daily Mail reported the source as saying.

All of these people would be well aware of the fact that Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s son, and that potentially he could exercise influence.

‘But to drive the point home at the end of the dinner, Hunter Biden would take his cell phone out, put it on speaker and dial a number. And at the other end of the phone, Joe Biden would answer.

‘Hunter would explain who he was having dinner with. Joe would say hello to everybody there. He would know everybody’s name. He would know their wives’ names, their children’s names.

‘He would never discuss the business deal at hand. But he made it crystal clear by virtue of the fact that he knew all this information, that Hunter had discussed those people with him.

‘Devon said that’s all you needed. These guys would be falling all over themselves trying to sign them up after that.

‘That was their modus operandi: the cell phone call from Hunter to Joe, with Joe knowing all the people in the room.

‘He said he did it with Romanians, with Ukrainians, it didn’t matter; whoever they were pitching for business.’

Of course they were taking advantage of the fact that Hunter’s dad was VP.

Recently, the ongoing inquiry into Hunter’s tax matters and international business dealings has drawn more attention, finding unsettling linkages that pose important concerns about conflicts of interest.

According to a Fox News article, a careful analysis of Delaware’s Chief Deputy Attorney General Alexander Snyder-Mackler, his ties with the Biden family, and the inquiry into Hunter Biden reveals a troubling network of connections that calls for closer examination.

The coincidence of Mackler’s employment as an assistant US attorney in the Delaware US Attorney’s office with the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial issues may be even more significant.

Mackler actually told Hunter he “loved” him and called him “brother.”

Additional source: Daily Caller

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