Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Busted With Drugs At Meeting With POTUS’ Son

Hunter Biden’s attorney, Kevin Morris, may be seen smoking a bong at a meeting with the president’s son in a sequence of images obtained by the Daily Mail.

Hunter Biden visited Morris’ Pacific Palisades residence on Thursday for a meeting after the former senator accepted a lenient plea agreement from the Department of Justice last month on misdemeanor tax charges. Photos taken by the Daily Mail during the meeting appear to show Morris smoking from a bong in full view of a street.

Although recreational marijuana use is permitted in California, it is unclear what was in the lawyer’s bong.

Morris is most known for having negotiated a $900 million deal with Viacom in 2011 on behalf of the South Park creators. Along with these Hollywood A-listers, Morris has also worked with Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, and Matthew McConaughey.

After agreeing to provide the First Son an estimated $2.8 million to pay off his tax arrears and joining his legal team in the midst of criminal and congressional investigations, he earned the nickname “sugar brother” for Hunter.

Morris is presently suing the right-wing organization Marco Polo and its president, Garrett Ziegler, a former member of the Trump White House staff who has been looking into the Biden family.

In court records submitted in Los Angeles, the attorney charged Ziegler and his foundation with harassment, breach of privacy, and “criminal impersonation.”

The two met on Thursday just hours after Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released the complete FBI FD-1023 form, which details claims that Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky paid the Biden family a $10 million bribe.

However, given the First Son’s history of drug addiction, the most recent photographs have sparked some controversy. Since being expelled from the Naval Academy for cocaine use, Hunter Biden has battled a crack cocaine addiction all of his life.

Hunter Biden revealed in a People interview that he first relapsed in 2010 after seven years of recovery, and that he did so again in 2013. Before getting clean in time to be given a board seat on the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, he underwent repeated spells in rehab and later sought therapy at a clinic in Mexico.

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