Hunter Faces Harsh Reality – Forced To Move

The investigation into Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his activities resulted in charges concerning tax, gun, and Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) violations.

At first, Hunter had a plea deal to escape jail time and receive minimal consequences, such as affording Hunter Biden the ability to plead guilty for not paying taxes on more than $1.5 million in income in 2017 and 2018, receiving probation rather than jail time.

In addition, U.S. Prosecutor David Weiss devised a separate diversion agreement that gave Hunter Biden immunity from potential future charges, including a provision to essentially wipe a felony gun violation from his record.

But in July, Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal with the Justice Department fell apart under scrutiny from a Delaware judge. The DOJ then requested that the judge dismiss the plea deal, which he did on August 17. Moving forward, prosecutors expect the case to go to trial, where it will likely be tried in Delaware or California.

Now Hunter has made a change that indicates he is looking at monetary consequences. Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen have been living in a $4.2 million canal-side Venice Beach house. Hunter Biden reportedly rented that property for $20,000 a month.

They were not popular tenants, however. “Hunter and Melissa were horrible tenants. Not only did they stiff the owner for months of rent, they left the house in terrible condition,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“Melissa was rude and entitled. They destroyed the stereo equipment in the home and when someone came to fix it, they were uncooperative. They also left the place dirty,” the source added.

Daily Mail now reports that the Bidens have moved to a lower priced property in Malibu from their previous residence. Hunter and Melissa reportedly downsized to a $15,800 a month ocean view Malibu home, a substantial cut back from his previous $20,000 a month California residence.

Breitbart noted:

While the national average rental price is just north of $2,000 a month, Hunter Biden, the first family’s business rainmaker, pays $15,800 a month for a beautiful residence on the Pacific Ocean, the Daily Mail reported.

Hunter Biden’s new home is a three-bed, three-bath compound with panoramic sea views, built on a cliff in a gated community. The rental’s listing calculates the home’s square footage to be 2,500, with an estimated value of over $4 million.

The property’s listing describes it as having “mesmerizing ocean views that are the ultimate backdrop for dining alfresco or stargazing over the shimmering Pacific” and a “vastly open floor plan, beautiful wood-beamed ceilings and large windows that give the illusion of being fully immersed and in total harmony with nature.”

The house also boasts a luxurious kitchen and a “guest studio with private balcony overlooking the ocean that creates the perfect artistic space.”

Although the move is to a lower priced property, Malibu is still the neighborhood of the elite, and the $15,000 monthly rental is only slightly less exhorbitent than his previous rental.

And the move includes another rental at taxpayer’s expese. The Secret Service reportedly rents a home nearby for $16,000 a month, which reportedly enjoys an ocean view and a hot tub.

Hunter’s house move comes as the House is closing in on specifics in the case against the younger Biden. Disputed testimony is about to be addressed with new subpoenas.

This past week House Republicans subpoenaed several FBI and IRs agents involved witht he investigation into Hunter’s tax and business dealings, AP reports. The four agents who worked on the yearslong DOJ case will be giving testimony to the House Judiciary Ways and Means committee leaders.

Jim Jordon of Ohio and Jason Smith of Missouri issued a statement:

“Our duty is to follow the facts wherever they may lead, and our subpoenas compelling ttestimony from Biden administration officials are crucil to understanding how the president’s son received special treatment from federal prosecutors and who was the the ultimate decision maker in the case.”

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapely ‘s account of U.W. attorney for Delaware David Weiss’ statement that, according to Shapely, he was not the “deciding person whether charges are filed” and that multiple jinstances of his efforts to bring charges in multiple jurisdictions were denied.

Weiss and the DOJ are disputing Shapely’s account. Another IRS employee, Joe Zeigler, have testified to Congress that ther was a pattern of “slow-walking investigative steps” and delaying enforcement actions in the Hunter Biden case in the months before the 2020 election, AP noted.

Conservatives have continued to note that the indictments against President Donald Trump are coinciding with news about Biden bad news, and a timeline of both the Biden revelations and the Trump indictments shows the tit-for-tat that is obvious.

Biden’s troubles include, but are not limited to, Hunter Biden’s crimes, the southern border (Washington Post reported this week a steady rise in illegal border crossings after a lull), and the country’s deteriorating fiscal position (Fitch Ratings downgraded the U.S. credit rating), Axios reports.

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