Israeli Mother Shares Heart-Wrenching Tale of Sons Kidnapped by Hamas


A brave Israeli mother recently appeared on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” to share her heart-wrenching story about her two young boys who were kidnapped by Hamas. This mother, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect her children’s safety, recounted the terrifying moment she heard their voices on the phone as they were being taken into Gaza.

However, during the interview, tensions rose as host Andrea Mitchell suggested that there was “symmetry” between the bloodshed caused by Hamas and Israel’s military response.

The courageous mother, with firmness in her voice, explained, ‘You’re seeking symmetry in a situation where it does not exist. This is not a war between two nations; it’s a war against an organization that violates even the most basic laws of war and humanity.’

As a concerned mother, she used to teach her children to be empathetic towards the suffering of the children in Gaza, as they endured far greater hardships.

However, due to the horrific ordeal her own children went through, she confessed, ‘I am unsure if I can maintain that sympathy anymore.’ She passionately explained that her primary concern now is the safety of her own children who were forcefully taken from their bedrooms by these individuals she described as ‘animal-like’ and transported to the Gaza Strip.

Unlike Hamas, the Israeli government has never stooped to such despicable actions, and it never will. Therefore, any talk of symmetry between the two sides is misguided.’

When Mitchell inquired if she believed the Israeli government should prioritize the rescue of the hostages before retaliating, the mother responded with determination, ‘Absolutely, my government must make the rescue of these innocent children their top priority, and I implore the world to do the same.’

She appealed to the universal instinct of mothers everywhere, saying, ‘Any mother can try to imagine her own children in such a distressing situation and then reconsider their stance. That’s precisely what I want – for the world to demand the immediate release of these children, the elderly, and the innocent civilians who have been wrongfully held captive. There is no justification for their detention as they are not soldiers and have no connection to this war.’

The brave mother elaborated on the efforts made by Israel to support the economy in Gaza, granting work permits to Palestinians and aiming to foster positive relations between the two territories.

Regrettably, she highlighted, ‘The behavior displayed by these so-called countries is not befitting of a nation but instead resembles that of a terrorist organization.’ Emotional but resolute, she made it clear that there is no room for symmetry in this conflict.

Tragically, Hamas’ relentless attacks have resulted in a devastating loss of life, with over 1,000 Israelis killed and thousands more injured. On top of that, more than 150 innocent civilians have been taken hostage and transported to Gaza by Hamas.

President Biden, confirming the gut-wrenching reality, announced that 14 Americans have been among the victims, while another 20 individuals remain missing. The exact number of Americans currently held by Hamas as hostages is uncertain, adding to the immense burden felt by their families and loved ones.

It is vital to remember that in times of conflict, the nuances and complexities of the situation often get lost. One must resist the urge to draw simplistic parallels where none exist.

The Israeli mother’s words serve as a reminder that this is not a conventional war between two nations but rather a struggle against a terrorist organization that violates universally accepted principles of morality and justice. Her plea for the safe return of her children and others held captive strikes a chord with any compassionate heart, transcending any political affiliation or ideology.

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