Jack Smith Does The Unthinkable To Trump

Can the opposition to President Donald J. Trump and his America First Populist “MAGA’ movement get any lower than where they have sunk themselves this year? The answer is- of course, they can, and expect that they will.  The anti-American First forces appear to have left their sense of shame “at the door,” and they are ready to completely degrade themselves for political power, as we will see from a new report.

When people refer to the Department of Justice as “Biden’s Department of Justice,” they are onto something huge and we have blaring proof of that claim.  The collusion between top law enforcement and the President- used to be unthinkable.

However, our politics are really as US Rep. Bryon Donalds has described,  where the DOJ is working in support of the Biden crime family and that would make sense if Trump has become their target:

All the evidence exposing DOJ obstruction in support of the Bidens has come from OUR investigation.

We’ll continue our investigation & I fully expect us to start an impeachment inquiry.

It’s clear that Joe has facilitated & allowed these foreign shakedowns & influence peddling. pic.twitter.com/uIOOZwhrNR

— Congressman Byron Donalds (@RepDonaldsPress) August 21, 2023

So this new connection between the DOJ and the Bidens is really dangerous to liberty and freedom, especially as Americans become aware of a weaponized justice system that has become totally- anti-American.

We have big troubles in the USA.

Visitor logs reviewed by The Epoch Times show that Jay Bratt, a prosecutor on Jack Smith’s team, met with Caroline Saba, deputy chief of staff for President Joe Biden’s White House Counsel’s office, on March 31, exposing a very uncomfortable reality which proves that the Democrat regime includes the DOJ, who are supposed to be impartial.

But we all know that is not the case in current-day America.

Although the logs provide no details as to the subject of the meeting or what was discussed, questions have been raised about why a member of Mr. Smith’s team would be meeting with the White House Counsel’s office while in the midst of an investigation into President Trump, who is President Biden’s chief rival in the 2024 presidential race.

Neither the White House nor the Department of Justice (DOJ) returned a request from The Epoch Times for more details about the meeting, they reported.

Rudy Giuliani, who once served as a federal prosecutor, told the New York Post that “there is no legitimate purpose for a line [DOJ] guy to be meeting with the White House except if it’s coordinated by the highest levels.”

Mr. Giuliani also said that he believed that the meeting was about coordinating the prosecution of Mr. Trump, who was indicted about nine weeks later on criminal charges that include unlawfully retaining national defense secrets at his Mar-a-Lago home.

The Epoch Times reported on the mystery meeting, saying:

While the subject of the meeting remains a mystery, it took place several days after an Obama-appointed judge ordered Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran to testify before a grand jury in Mr. Smith’s investigation into documents held by the former president at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Mr. Smith’s team prevailed in getting more testimony from Mr. Corcoran after Chief Judge Beryl Howell rejected attorney-client privilege claims that Mr. Corcoran raised during an appearance before a grand jury in Washington in January.

About nine weeks after Mr. Bratt met with Ms. Saba in the West Wing, Mr. Smith indicted the 45th president on 37 counts, including willful retention of classified documents, obstruction of justice, and making false statements.

On June 13, President Trump pleaded not guilty to the 37 charges, including alleged violations of the Espionage Act, which criminalizes unauthorized possession of defense information.

Mr. Giuliani remarked further on the March 31 meeting between Mr. Bratt and Ms. Saba, saying that he believes it shows that the Justice Department has become politically weaponized by President Biden.

“It is a Biden state prosecutor and a Biden state police,” Mr. Giuliani said.

Neither the DOJ nor the White House responded to a request for comment on Mr. Giuliani’s remarks.

Trump took to Truth Social on Aug. 26 to post a video that portrays the various indictments against him as part of a political hit job and “witch hunt.”

Tom Ozimeck reported for Epoch Times, that the video suggests that the various indictments are boosting President Trump’s popularity, an effect opposite of what was presumably intended.

In a follow-up post, President Trump cited a Reuters/IPSOS poll that shows that he is leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by nearly 40 percentage points for the Republican presidential nomination and is 6 points ahead of President Biden in a hypothetical matchup.

“Oh no, I’m leading by 6, 7, and 8 in various Polls over Crooked Joe Biden. That almost guarantees another Indictment!” President Trump wrote in an Aug. 26 post on Truth Social.

Ozimeck reported more details about the classified documents case:

“Initially, Mr. Smith indicted President Trump on June 8 on dozens of counts in connection with allegations that he kept national defense secrets at his Florida residence.

Later, on July 27, Mr. Smith’s team accused President Trump in an updated indictment (pdf) of conspiring with his staff to delete some security footage so that the grand jury in the case wouldn’t see all the evidence.

Mar-a-Lago staffer Carlos De Oliveira was named as a third defendant in the superseding indictment, along with Trump aide Walt Nauta and the former commander-in-chief.

President Trump has said he used his presidential authority to declassify all the relevant documents in the case against him and has denied that he hid any materials from the government.”

On Aug. 1, after the new charges were announced, the former president wrote on his social media platform: “The security tapes being deleted was a made up lie by deranged Jack Smith! Election interference.”

CBS News reported that most GOP voters agree that what has happened to Trump is a Witch Hunt:

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