James Biden Testifies Privately on Capitol Hill in Brother’s Impeachment Inquiry

James Biden Set to Testify Privately in President Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry

James Biden, brother of President Biden, is scheduled to provide closed-door testimony on Wednesday morning as part of the impeachment inquiry into his older sibling.

The president’s brother arrived on Capitol Hill ahead of his scheduled deposition, following a delayed start to the proceedings.

James Biden, also known as Jim Biden, was subpoenaed in November to appear for questioning as part of the inquiry, which had been initiated prior to formal approval by the full House.

Involved in various business ventures alongside his nephew Hunter Biden, James Biden’s testimony is anticipated to shed light on the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, particularly in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed that investigations have uncovered significant financial transactions involving the Biden family and their associates, totaling over $24 million between 2014 and 2019, with Joe Biden often being marketed as a global brand.

Among the issues expected to be addressed during James Biden’s testimony are his brother’s involvement in family business ventures abroad and purported “loan repayments” made to President Biden.

Comer highlighted transactions indicating that James Biden received loans totaling $600,000 from Americore, a financially struggling rural hospital operator, and subsequently issued payments to President Biden, labeled as “loan repayments.”

While the White House maintains that these transactions involve the private affairs of the president and his brother, Comer raised questions about the origins of funds, including a $40,000 repayment described as “laundered China money.”

The anticipated testimony of James Biden follows recent revelations from former business associates implicating President Biden’s involvement in family business dealings, prompting scrutiny from congressional investigators.

President Biden has vehemently denounced the impeachment inquiry, dismissing it as a baseless endeavor from its inception.

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