Jimmy Buffett Leaves Behinds Dirty Trick For Trump At Biden Hillary Rally

Long-time songwriter Jimmy Buffett passed away at the age of 76 on Friday, leaving behind friends, family, and an army of loyal fans. those who love Buffett’s music range from beach bums to businessmen, from sailors to country music lovers. The wide range of his fans has always seemed universal and transcended partisan lines.

On Saturday morning, a statement released on Buffett’s social media announced that the singer passed away peacefully on Friday:

Jimmy passed away peacefully on the night of September 1st surrounded by his family, friends, music, and dogs.

He lived his life like a song till the very last breath and will be missed beyond measure by so many.

The outpouring Saturday over the news of his passing is enormous and although the universal nature of his appeal is evident, his ironic presence in Democrat politics has defined his stance, especially in later years. Irony exists as Buffett himself is a self-made man who eschewed the music industry for a time, choosing to set up his own recording studios to make his records in the Caribbean and Key West.

In the early years, Jimmy Buffett wrote songs not for the business of the recording industry, but in keeping with his own art and lived a life outside the norm. His giant hit “Margaritaville” cemented him as one of the rich, and he built his financial empire on the trademark of that song.

In later years, as a successful millionaire, Buffett joined other rich entertainers in Democratic fundraising Biden and then-Second Lady Jill Biden introduced Buffett at a November 2016 rally for Hillary Clinton, and Buffet returned the favor by name-checking Biden in his performance of “Pencil Thin Mustache”.

Buffett has been known for replacing lyrics in his songs when performing live, especially in the spirit of playfulness and to the delight of different audiences. Not to forget the opposition, Buffett dropped in a line roasting Hillary’s nemisis Trump when he sang “Come Monday,” Mediate reported.


In another note of irony, “Come Monday” was Buffetts first massive hit, skyrocketing him to fame and fortune and casting him as a music industry self-made success of capitolism.

In 2018 at a “Get Out the Vote” rally in Florida, Buffet also called out Republican Rick Scott over the natural Red Tide phenomenon that happens naturally but is thought to worsen from pollution.

Buffett then changed the lyrics of “Margaritaville” to sing, “Some people say that there’s a red tide to blame, but I know that it’s all Rick Scott’s fault.”

Buffett also performed during Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign — at a COVID-era event called “Rock Out on a Night In with Vice President Joe Biden.” Buffett’s participation in the guests-only event was described in a pool report:

The approximately 80-minute-long fundraising concert brought together musicians David Crosby, Sheryl Crow, Rufus Wainwright, Joe Walsh and Jimmy Buffett. The virtual event was hosted by Whoopi Goldberg and Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth. There were 1200 virtual attendees, per the campaign.

Jimmy Buffett was the final act. The singer said he hit “the campaign trail with Joe last time we won Florida so I would like to do that again.” Buffett sang an acoustic version of “Come Monday,” a song he said Biden had on his cell phone. Biden with a big smile on his face laughed and pointed back at Buffett in encouragement.

Founder of the non-profits “Singing for Change” and “Save the Manatee,” and an ardent supporter of all things environmental, Buffet has personified an adventurous lifestyle building and sailing boats, fishing, flying planes, and living in multiple houses in desirable places while making his fortune, at least in the beginning, in venues outside the system.

Buffett’s success and philanthropy has been admirable, but his support of Democrat nominees highlights the Democrats’ Hollywood and Nashville connections. The entertainment industry has of course been noted to be connected to not only extreme liberal politics, but child trafficking and other corrupt practices.

Buffett’s success story in the music industry highlights the journey of a musician making his self-made way, but once gaining success joining the scores of entertainment industry liberals who live on a level not known to most Americans.

It seems that even the most “outsider” artist, once joining the ranks of the elite, can gravitate to the the most liberal of politics, even though the conservative views of capitolism are what made that climb possible.

Buffet’s family released the cause of his death on Saturday, which was a 4-year long battle with Merkel skin cell cancer. The rare cancer is known to be difficult to defeat, and given Buffett’s lifestyle for years being active in the sun, skin cancer is not suprising.

Buffet kept his disease under wraps, even performing in July in a suprise appearance in fellow band member Mac McAnally’s show in Rhode Island. His family has asked tha memorials be made to his non-profits.

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