Jimmy Kimmel Implies He’s Ready To Leave Late Night TV Show

A generational late-night TV persona, Jimmy Kimmel, has hinted at hanging up his hat after serving ABC’s talk-show platform for a span of two decades. In a candid dialogue with the LA Times that hit the stands on a recent Wednesday, the virtuoso behind the hit ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ show broached the likelihood of calling this particular contract a farewell.

Kimmel, nearing his mid-fifties, opened up to the media outlet, confessing, ‘It seems this contract marks the final lap for me.’ A resigned laughter underlined his statement as he continued, ‘Just voicing it out sounds preposterous since here we are, talking about the same thing – every time I’ve imagined this scenario, it found a way of not coming true.’

Nonetheless, the seasoned host holds onto the reality of his still-ongoing two-year contract, receiving it as ample enough. The immediacy of the situation is quite evident as Kimmel now prepares for another significant role – the presenter at the Academy Awards due on the 10th of March.

This upcoming event has made the honorary count for Kimmel four times now, having earlier commanded the stage at the annual award ceremonies of the years 2017, 2018, and the one most recent in history, 2023. ‘I had crossed off ever returning to that podium,’ admitted Kimmel, reflecting on his history with the award shows.

Having successfully hosted two earlier shows and surviving a harrowing incident during one of them, something that he claims will stick with him forever, he was cautious about the hardwood podium. ‘Being familiar with the magnitude of work these shows entail,’ Kimmel remarked, ‘I was inclined to say, I won’t be taking that place again.’

But even though he sees himself as someone who shied away from sole recognition, he recognizes a deep-seated passion for engagement in collaborative projects. ‘I never nursed a desire to stand in the spotlight,’ he expressed, ‘and I still don’t. It doesn’t sync with my individuality.’

Regarding the path that lays ahead for this celebrated talk show host and humorist, Kimmel shared insights into his vibrant hobbies that keep him engrossed. But he was explicit that his post talk-show life wouldn’t feature a return to the stand-up stage.

A lover of culinary arts, an admirer of sketching, and having a budding interest in sculpture – Kimmel has his hands full. Facing mortality with pragmatic humor, he asserts that he’d undoubtedly have lingering regrets about the ventures he would’ve left behind. ‘Upon my deathbed, probably in the peaceful confines of my own dwelling, I’d wish, ‘Oh, I couldn’t dip my toe into this or that.’ I already have that anticipation about myself.’

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