Joe Biden And KJP Get In Brawl Aboard Air Force One – Caught On Camera

Following their discussion on the U.S. and Israeli role in the Gaza humanitarian crisis, President Joe Biden had a notable exchange with his Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, during a press conference on Wednesday.

“You said you were very blunt with the Israelis on the need to get humanitarian aid to Gaza or what exactly?” reporters questioned Biden regarding his candor with the Israelis.

With a quick giggle, Biden said, “On everything. Ha ha ha.”

When KJP continued, Biden glared angrily at her and said, “Don’t!”

The President then turned his attention to the Americans living in the area and expressed hope. “I’m hopeful we can get some Americans out, as well, of Gaza, and hopefully we will continue to work toward getting other Americans out through other means, as well.”

Reporters dug deeper, raising doubts about the veracity of Israeli and American assertions in the wake of the latest hospital explosion in Gaza. The reporter said, “People…don’t necessarily believe you or the Israelis… didn’t have anything to do with’ the incident.

Unexpectedly, Biden said, “I can understand that.”

Concerning Israeli military behavior, reporters persisted, asking, “Are Israelis operating within the rules of war that you talked about last week?”

Biden ended the conversation by remarking, “Good talking to you all,” without answering the question directly, and then he left the press gathering.

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