Joe Biden has Yet to Address Families of Soldiers that Died in Syria


A leading presenter on Fox News expressed surprise upon receiving news from the network reporter that U.S. President Joe Biden hadn’t yet made contact with the families of three U.S. servicemen killed in Syria in the past week.

On Saturday evening, a hostile drone, seemingly on a suicide mission, crashed into a base in Jordan, causing the deaths of three servicemen, and injuring an additional 25 personnel. The assault has been laid at the feet of Iranian-sponsored militant groups in Syria and Iraq by the White House, signifying a substantial uptick in tensions in the Middle East.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich reported the alarming fact that the president hadn’t communicated with the mourning families of Sgt. William Rivers, Specialist Kennedy Sanders, and Specialist Breonna Moffett, increasing the shock factor for the host, Harris Faulkner.

‘Harris, we’re also monitoring for any news that the president has bridged communication with the families of these tragic casualties, or any intend of his presence at their dignified transfer at Dover. There were no indications from the White House on these critical matters yesterday,’ Heinrich disclosed to Faulkner.

‘It’s now been three days,’ Faulkner noted. ‘Yes,’ was Heinrich’s simple affirmation. Faulkner replied again, ‘That’s a considerable length of time.’ ‘We’ll express our gratitude. We’ll extend our thanks to these affected families and brave souls we’ve lost, and all the men and women who are facing danger every day in the Middle East. We’ll say a collective thank you and assure them of our love.’

This drone attack marks the first instance of U.S. servicemen losing their lives at the base in Jordan, and indeed throughout the Middle East since the onset of the Gaza war. In a recent conversation on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, clearly struggled to deliver a clear statement on the tragic loss of the three servicemen, as per The Daily Caller.

‘I just want to say, we send out our most heartfelt, um, our most profound condolences to the bereaved families. We lost three heroic, um, three… three individuals of courage, military personnel who protect and who serve, not just this administration, but the entirety of the American citizenry,’ Jean-Pierre said.

The White House did issue a formal statement on behalf of President Biden. ‘The three American servicemen who gave their lives were the epitome of patriots,’ the statement read. ‘Their ultimate sacrifice will forever be etched in the consciousness of our nation. Together, we’ll uphold the sacred duty we owe to their families.’

‘We strive daily to live up to their courage and honor. Their commitment to combating terrorism is a torch we’ll continue to carry. Let it be known — we’ll ensure all those responsible are held to account, at an opportune time and in a manner of our choosing.’ This press statement elucidated the administration’s resolve and commitment to bringing the culprits to justice, while also honoring the fallen servicemen.

One must take a moment to reflect on the gravity of these circumstances, as the incident underscores the continuous threats the U.S. military personnel face in the Middle East. It also points to the much-needed cautious approach and swift response needed from the higher echelons of the nation’s administration.

Having lost their loved ones in the line of duty, the families of the three servicemen are undoubtedly going through a gut-wrenching period of mourning. Making personal contact with these grieving families, to express the nation’s gratitude and sadness, is a vital duty one would expect from a president.

Harris Faulkner’s surprise at the revelation that such an act of acknowledgment hadn’t yet been conducted is both valid and palpable. Being the face of the nation, the President’s acknowledgment can offer solace to the families and show appreciation for the unflinching sacrifices sacrificed in the course of duty.

These brave servicemen, Sgt. William Rivers, Specialist Kennedy Sanders, and Specialist Breonna Moffett have indeed made the ultimate sacrifice. As their loss reverberates through the nation, it’s time to honor their unwavering commitment to preserving peace and battling the horrors of terrorism.

Yes, a formal statement has been issued by the White House. However, taking a step further by making a personal connection with the shattered families would not only reflect the humane side of leadership, but also lends strength and courage to those grieving.

This unfortunate incident and its subsequent revelation have stirred the nation. It’s a sobering reminder that war and violence still claim the lives of the brave, those who risk it all in the name of national security and peacekeeping efforts across global landscapes.

It’s this profound commitment of our military personnel, which deserves recognition and gratitude, that should never go unacknowledged. The irrevocable sacrifices they make and the valor they exhibit deserve the highest forms of honor, respect, and commemoration.

In honoring them, we must carry forward their mission with determination and courage – to fight terrorism and protect our nation and its values. We owe it to these brave souls and to the countless others who’ve stepped up to bear the burden of securing our freedoms.

As we extend our deepest condolences and solemn respect to the heroic trio and their grieving families, it’s appropriate to remember the immense sacrifice each one of them made. Today, we remember them as patriots, and their memory will forever be a reminder of their profound commitment to our national security.

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