Joe Rogan Believes Democrats to Push Biden Aside for Gavin Newsome


In a recent episode of his show, popular podcast personality Joe Rogan made a striking prediction – he postulated that the Democratic Party may pivot away from President Biden to push California Governor Gavin Newsom as their 2024 presidential candidate. The conversation originated from the ongoing queries around President Biden’s cognitive sharpness, which have been a topic of intense debate since his election.

These health concerns regarding the president appeared to escalate following the release of a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur. In the said report, Biden was depicted as a ‘kind-hearted, yet forgetful elderly gentleman’. On the podcast, guest Chris Williamson, a fellow host, mused, ‘We seem to be in a peculiar world where someone who may not be fully competent can make a presidential run, yet not face legal scrutiny.’

Rogan further deepened the speculation, questioning whether Biden running for the presidency might have been part of a wider political strategy. ‘Is there a possibility that his candidacy was simply a bait and switch tactic?’ he pondered, inferring that the party might be planning to replace Biden with someone else.

Rogan espoused the idea that President Biden could be ‘nudged’ out of the picture, given external pressure. ‘In my opinion, there could be an orchestrated effort in progress to make Biden step down,’ he pondered aloud, giving voice to a theory that has cropped up in several political circles.

Rogan opined that the Democrats, under such circumstance, may be grooming Governor Gavin Newsom to step into Biden’s shoes. Amplifying his conjecture, Rogan stated, ‘Speaking purely hypothetically, I’d wager that Gavin Newsom could be primed for a presidential run.’

He then highlighted the growing body of controversies around Biden. The number of contentious issues tied to the president seems to be mounting, from debates about his cognitive fitness for office to alleged links with energy company Burisma.

Rogan particularly cast a sardonic eye on Biden’s role at the University of Pennsylvania, which he characterized as a quite lucrative and cushy position where the president didn’t have to contribute much in return. Drawing comparison with some old-school questionable practices, Rogan insinuated such position to be reminiscent of ‘mafia-like operations’.

In this analogy, Biden’s role could liken to a ‘mob job’, a nod towards times when organized crime networks would establish shell roles within entities like construction or waste management companies, in order to channel funds improperly.

With humor, Rogan suggested that if Biden were not the president, the entire sequence of events could be seen as a comedy. ‘Imagine the president swapping names and speaking about people no longer with us. It would be amusing if it wasn’t such a serious matter,’ he noted.

Both Rogan and Williamson had a lighthearted moment around President Biden’s noticeably detailed cue cards directing his behavior during public engagements. They infer that it seems to be evident of his increasing reliance on them for even basic conversational thread.

Rogan expressed astonishment at how President Biden often loses his train of thought, particularly when discussing intricate topics. ‘It’s incredible. The moment he starts to delve into substantial issues, he tends to lose his way and wraps up the conversation abruptly,’ he observed.

Reflecting on President Biden’s press conference held after the Hur report’s publication, Williamson expressed his reservations. He noted that in hindsight, holding the presser might not have been the best decision.

During the discussion about the press conference, Rogan queried, ‘How did the situation unfold?’ Upon which Williamson, utilizing classic British understatement, replied, ‘It was far from optimal.’

This witty remark elicited laughter from Rogan, adding a touch of levity to an otherwise serious discussion. The two continued their discussion, overlaying keen political insights with a dose of humor, thus making complex topics more accessible and engaging for their listeners.

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