Johnson Invites NYPD Officers Attacked by Migrants to State of the Union

Speaker Mike Johnson, a leading figure in the House, has expressed frustrations towards President Joe Biden due to perceived non-action on immigration and border measures. He notably made his stance clear by inviting New York Police Department officers who faced an assault by migrants recently to the State of the Union Address.

His guests included NYPD Officer Zunxu Tian accompanied by Rep. Anthony D’Esposito of New York, as well as Lt. Ben Kurian, who was the guest of another New York Representative, Nicole Malliotakis, as reported by the New York Post.

‘The policies governing sanctuary cities have, regrettably, put at risk the lives of countless Americans. Officers like Lt. Ben Kurian and Officer Zunxu Tian of the NYPD, who’ve displayed remarkable bravery, should not have to bear the brunt of these policies or the crimes they inadvertently inspire,’ was the statement issued by Speaker Johnson to a news outlet.

The acclaimed speaker seems to underscore the often echoed value of respect for law enforcement, a sentiment many conservatives share, without explicitly invoking a political stance.

Speaking on the issue, Representative Nicole Malliotakis expressed, ‘The burden of maintaining safety on our streets falls upon the shoulders of our courageous NYPD officials. Presently, they’re battling hundreds of violent crimes committed by undocumented individuals.’

She showed her support for Lt. Kurian attending with her the State of the Union, emphasizing this as an expression of solidarity towards NYC’s officers, and as an act of dissent against the perceived unstable border regulation under the Biden administration.

One of the critical issues in this scenario are the policies that make New York City a ‘sanctuary city’. These laws limit the city’s involvement in enforcing federal immigration laws. However, recently Mayor Eric Adams has hinted at reconsidering some of these laws, mainly driven by the city’s increasing undocumented migrant population and public dissatisfaction.

These hints by the mayor came as the city witnessed an increase in local resentment towards benefits for illegal immigrants. As the New York Post further elaborates, an unruly crowd at Manhattan’s West 42nd Street led Lt. Kurian and Officer Tian in January to intervene. Their encounter took a violent turn, with migrants turning on the officers, leading to a physical attack before the crowd dispersed.

Representative D’Esposito, who previously served as an NYPD detective, acknowledged this act of bravery, affirming, ‘Our nation’s law enforcement personnel truly encapsulate the courageous spirit of America.’ This statement complimented the sentiment expressed in his invitation to Officer Tian, joining the concerted effort of representatives and the Speaker to draw attention to this complex issue.

Troubling for NYC, a surge of criminal activities committed by migrants has heightened since large numbers started arriving in 2022. The media outlet highlights that the city has seen the arrival of over 172,000 migrants, many of whom seek asylum. Approximately 38,000 of these migrants arrived by bus from Texas, a strategy implemented by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R).

Meanwhile, amidst the growing criticism regarding border permeability, President Biden made a visit to Brownsville, Texas, a less tumultuous part of the border. The issue of illegal immigration, following the economy, is projected to play a significant role in the 2024 election cycle, and the President’s visit was interpreted as a response to Republican critiques.

President Biden used his Brownsville visit to express support for a border security bill. The bill, however, met its demise in the Senate following a significant Republican rejection, sparked by leaked details suggesting it would still authorize a daily inflow of up to 5,000 people. The bill also included a significant financial aid package to Ukraine, a prospect that doesn’t resonate well nationwide.

The aforementioned bill was dismissed by Speaker Johnson as ‘dead on arrival’ in the House. Johnson’s harsh decision demonstrates his uncompromising stance on immigration reform, reinforcing his commitment to refuse any bill that does not significantly address the issue as he perceives it.

Post Biden’s visit to the Texas border sector, the U.S Border Patrol’s representing union expressed their displeasure mockingly. The main grievance was that the President visited a sector that typically experiences minimal illegal migrant activities, which to them downplayed the enormity of the issue.

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