Karine Jean Pierre Shares Surprising ‘Devastating’ Personal News

Karine Jean Pierre was chosen as Democrat Joe Biden’s Press Secretary. She has been a divisive figure in American politics because she was openly promoted not for her abilities- but for the color of her skin and for the type of sexual relationships she chose to involve herself with, which creates exactly the type of situation that the left has always said they hated.

Nonetheless, the Press Secretary has had a horrifying job of trying to make Biden look legitimate to the American media, who have been bombarding her with real questions about the many crimes, lies, and hoaxes of the Biden regime.

A recent top hit from Pierre is about the cost of gas- which everyone who purchases gas knows better than she does:

Karine Jean-Pierre claims gas prices are down by $1.20 “from last summer to this summer.”

That isn’t true — gas prices are HIGHER today than they were a year ago.pic.twitter.com/lpBwWSOfmg

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 6, 2023

Just a quick Google search on gas prices shows that Pierre is lying:

Gas prices could spike anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar over the next several days, according to the popular gas price website GasBuddy.

This is occurring as the nation comes off already increased gas prices ahead of Labor Day, according to a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Production cuts by Saudi Arabia and OPEC+ members, low U.S. inventories, and refinery maintenance in the Northeast contributed to a 22-cent-per-gallon jump in retail gasoline prices on Aug. 28.

According to AAA, Missouri’s average gas price is currently at about $3.52 as of Sept. 7, a little more than 28 cents below the national average.

“A refinery that goes down has contractual obligations to supply certain volumes of gasoline to stations. If an unexpected outage happens, the refinery that goes down suddenly may not have enough supply to meet its obligations and has to find another refinery to buy from,” said Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy head of petroleum analysis. “This can push prices up considerably, as a refinery could be a very large buyer.”

The AAA cites OPEC+’s cuts among the reasons for the increased price.

“Higher crude oil prices is largely to blame for the increase as crude oil accounts for about 60% of the overall price of gasoline,” said Nick Chabarria, AAA spokesperson.

And why is all of that happening?  Because of  her boss, Joe Biden:

My Administration is canceling all remaining oil and gas leases issued under the last administration in the Arctic Refuge and proposing to protect 13 million acres in the Western Arctic.

There’s more to do, but we’re taking action to meet the moment for future generations.

— President Biden (@POTUS) September 7, 2023

And other top hits from her about how Biden has done everything he can to assist with the invasion over the US Southern Border:

Karine Jean-Pierre on the flood of illegal immigrants:

“The president has done all that he can from his perch”pic.twitter.com/GIQyWpndPv

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 8, 2023

And there is the shocking situation of Biden walking out of a ceremony:

“A Medal of Honor for a Vietnam War veteran who piloted his helicopter without lights into a pitch black hot zone to evacuate troops. Joe Biden clasped the medal around the recipient’s neck and simply walked away. No eye contact, no handshake, no personal ‘thank you’ from the President of the United States when the recipient turned to face him.”

There’s always and excuse! Karine Jean-Pierre has an excuse for Joe Biden walking away from the Medal of Honor recipient before the ceremony was completed. https://t.co/WXf8RFVvt0 pic.twitter.com/pNYJnliWl2

— 𝔹𝕦𝕕… (@bud_cann) September 6, 2023

Media reports are showing that not everyone is happy in the leftist paradise:

To tell the story of her breakup with her lover, the Press Secretary turned to a great source of media news for the left, a fashion magazine called Vogue, which to most Americans, invokes an old Madonna song from the 1990’s.

The Daily Mail reported on the interview where Karine Jean-Pierre told the magazine that she has separated from Suzanne Malveaux, her partner of more than 10 years.

Now comes the question of how the law handles the custody and other concerns about the minor child, as the two women are sharing custody of their nine-year-old daughter Soleil.

‘I’m a single mom who is co-parenting this amazing kid,’ Jean-Pierre told the Vogue staff. ‘Our number-one priority is her privacy and to make sure we create an environment that’s nurturing.’

Here is how the Daily Mail described the article:

Vogue gave Jean-Pierre the profile treatment in its September issue, giving her a glowing write-up as it has for other administration figures, including first lady Jill Biden and former White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

The 3,800-word profile features descriptions of the ‘bright colors and bold eye shadow’ that Jean-Pierre, 49, wears but it also talks about her suicide attempt and her difficulty in coming out to her parents as gay – topics Jean-Pierre also addressed in her memoir ‘Moving Forward.’

Malveaux and Jean-Pierre met at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Malveaux, then a correspondent for CNN, was covering the event, and Jean-Pierre was working for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

They moved in together in Washington, D.C., in early 2014, Jean-Pierre wrote in her memoir. Malveaux left her CNN anchor job shortly after Jean-Pierre was promoted from deputy press secretary to principal press secretary

Malveaux had already started the adoption process when she and Jean-Pierre were dating. She adopted Soleil – which is French for ‘sun’ – in May 2014. Jean-Pierre formally adopted Soleil a few years later.

The White House press secretary told Vogue that having a child was ‘a thousand percent’ not on her to-do list. Jean-Pierre, who was born in Martinique and moved to New York as a child with her family, had spent much of her childhood helping raise her younger siblings.

‘I think that’s one of the reasons I left to do campaigns,’ Jean-Pierre said. ‘Because it took me away from the responsibilities of home.’

But she said she now sees parenting as part of her job motivation.

Everything that we do, being led by the president, is going to matter, not just today, but tomorrow and for the rest of our lives,’ Jean-Pierre said. ‘What we do is certainly going to change the trajectory of her life.’

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