Lara Trump Releases Shocking New Cover Song – Libs FURIOUS

With Melania Trump’s collection of Christmas ornaments and Donald Trump Jr.’s endorsement of coffee, the Trump family has been experimenting with a number of economic endeavors this year. Now, one of the outspoken Trump family members has released a Tom Petty cover, which is already a hit, but getting major backlash from Trump detractors.

A cover of Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” was published on September 23 by Lara Trump, the spouse of Eric Trump.

On X, the website that was formerly known as Twitter, she promoted the cover:

9.29.23 pre-save:

— Lara Trump (@LaraLeaTrump) September 28, 2023

Listen to it here:

With her recent rendition of Tom Petty’s song “I Won’t Back Down,” Lara Trump has joined Tiffany as another member of the Trump family with a passion for music. As with 99 percent of the Trump family’s recent endeavors, there was a great deal of controversy around them. A few astute internet users pointed to a previous incident involving this song that would be problematic for Lara.

On X, a number of people brought up an earlier event involving the Trump and Petty families. During a rally in Oklahoma in 2020, former US President Donald Trump—Lara’s father-in-law—used Petty’s song.

Shortly after, the Petty family published a post on X that has garnered a lot of attention, stating that Trump was not given permission to use the song to promote a campaign that ignores common sense and too many Americans.

“Tom Petty and his family both firmly stand against racism and discrimination of any kind,” they continued. Tom Petty would never consent to his music being exploited in a hate campaign. His favorite thing to do was unite people. We have also formally served the Trump campaign with a cease and desist letter concurrently.

Lara performed a rendition of the song, even though the family never used it again at their rallies.

It’s possible that you’re wondering how she could be in legal jeopardy. A lot of songs are covered by people. It’s true that hit songs are frequently covered and that cease and desist orders are rarely enforced. Although being sued over a cover is a rare occurrence, it is nonetheless possible to get into legal issues for one.

To the best of our knowledge, “I Won’t Back Down” is not in the public domain; generally speaking, cover songs don’t require permission in writing. There is one restriction: although it is rather simple to cover and sample works, there is a fair use law, according to SheKnows.

Since the Trump family attempted to link the song to them, the Petty family has previously filed a lawsuit, therefore many people are assuming that they may do so again.

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