Leaked Email Exposes Biden’s Secret Plan

The top brass of the Border Patrol recently established per day “bookout” objectives for its sectors with the aim of maintaining a manageable level of detained migrants, given the ongoing increase of illegal crossers at the southern border. This may involve considering the possibility of releasing individuals into the interior of the United States.

According to an internal email dated August 8th, an acting deputy chief communicated to lower levels in the Border Patrol that various sectors are currently seeing a surge in migration that exceeds the capacity to either release or transfer migrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation.

The email, which was acquired by the office of Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, indicates that the frequency of daily interactions “[continue] to surpass the daily permanent bookouts and the in-custody numbers continue to rise creating significant risks to agents and detainees.”

“This level of detention numbers has also resulted in increased manpower requirements, impacting border security efforts.”

As a result, the agency suggests implementing “daily bookout targets” for each sector in order to reduce the number of individuals in custody to a more manageable level. These targets will be determined based on the 7-day average. According to the document, in cases when “consequence pathways” like expedited removal are unavailable, the recommended course of action is to release migrants with Notices to Appear (NTA/OR) for a subsequent court appearance.

“We respectfully request that you urgently use these bookout targets to formalize your daily processing pathway plans, to include transitioning to NTA/OR when consequence pathways are not sufficient.”

The memorandum suggests that those who are released should be enrolled in Alternatives to Detention programs, provided that it is “operationally feasible.”

The email was acquired by Moody’s office in the context of current legal proceedings. The state of Florida has initiated legal action against the government in response to its decision to release migrants into the interior. The aforementioned approach, which involved the release of migrants without court dates due to overpopulation, was effectively halted as a result of continuing legal proceedings. In her statement, she proposed that the action signified the adoption of “mass release quotas” concerning immigration.

“This latest email is further proof of the disastrous cycle created by Biden’s intentional destruction of our border with Mexico. Biden cuts resources, opens the border, and then releases detainees while claiming there is not enough detention capacity to prevent the unprecedented flood of migrants entering the country because of his terrible policies,” she accused.

“With every passing day it is becoming more obvious that the border crisis is being intentionally orchestrated by the Biden administration. We will continue to do everything in our power to push back and let the American people know what Biden is doing.”

A spokesperson from CBP informed Fox News that the Border Patrol “merely directed sectors to process individuals faster into the range of immigration pathways available, in order to address increasing numbers of individuals in custody.”

According to the spokeswoman, “These bookouts include processing record numbers of migrants into Expedited Removal and conducting record numbers of removal flights.”

The Republican Party has strongly criticized the Biden administration about the border crisis, attributing the unprecedented influx of migrants to the policies it has enacted subsequent to the reversal of policies adopted during the Trump administration.

The Biden administration has responded by asserting that Republicans in Congress have been unsuccessful in authorizing funds to address the crisis, including a recent allocation of $4 billion as part of its supplementary funding appeal. Additionally, the administration claims that Republicans have not collaborated with them to enact legislation aimed at rectifying what they perceive as a dysfunctional system. It has been reported that a significant number of migrants, totaling over 245,000 individuals, have been either removed from or returned to their respective countries following the expiration of the Title 42 public order in May. Among these migrants, over 19,000 individuals belonged to family units.

In the meantime, there is evidence suggesting a persistent upward trend in numerical values, which saw a decline in June but subsequently exhibited a gain in July and purportedly continued to rise in August. According to a report by Fox, it was said last month that some significant border sectors had reached or were approaching their maximum capacity.

According to sources from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), it was reported to Fox News that on Monday, the Border Patrol successfully apprehended a total of over 7,300 individuals who were found to be in violation of immigration laws. This figure does not account for individuals who managed to elude capture or those who presented themselves at official ports of entry. According to the sources, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) currently detains a population of more than 22,000 migrants.

It’s been very clear that Biden’s administration, run by those on the very left, is intent on transforming the ethnic makeup of the United States of America.

The email can be seen here.

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