Libs LOSE IT Over One Quick Stop Trump Made On Way To SC Rally

On Monday, President Donald Trump visited the Palmetto State Armory during his journey to a speaking engagement in Summerville, South Carolina. This visit was intended to demonstrate his support for law-abiding American residents who possess firearms, in response to the Biden administration’s strong advocacy for gun control measures.

Former President Donald Trump perused various weaponry within the establishment, briefly acknowledging the presence of the press and expressing gratitude for their attendance. Additionally, he engaged in inquiries regarding diverse kinds of armaments. The proprietor of the establishment also quickly recounted an anecdote on his own enjoyment of observing the television program “The Apprentice,” which featured Donald Trump as its former host.

President Donald J. Trump visits the Palmetto State Armory

— RSBN (@RSBNetwork) September 25, 2023

The president’s visit to the Palmetto State Armory coincided with Joe Biden’s announcement on the creation of the “Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” in which Kamala Harris was selected to lead its initiatives.

The policy positions of President Biden regarding the Second Amendment stand in sharp contrast to those of President Trump, who has consistently advocated for the protection of Americans’ gun rights since his presidential campaign in 2016.

Earlier this year, President Trump made a solemn commitment to members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) at his address in Indiana, stating that if reelected as president, he would ensure the protection of their firearms by asserting, “I guarantee you this – in my capacity as the occupant of the presidential residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, no individual will be permitted to physically handle or tamper with your firearms.”I am committed to upholding the profound declaration: “shall not be infringed.”

According to a Trump spokeswoman, Trump seemed to be having a great time at the store and even excitedly mentioned that he would like to buy a GLOCK handgun for his personal home arsenal.

The video that Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung recorded of him deciding to purchase a GLOCK pistol has subsequently been removed off X. Maybe this is due to the extreme contempt from the left, which expressed itself strongly on the website that was once known as Twitter:

Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene are touring a gun store in South Carolina

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) September 25, 2023

The president made a campaign stop at “Moms for Liberty” before heading to the gun store. There, he shook hands and spoke briefly with a boisterous group of MAGA women.

Despite the Biden administration’s constant attacks on gun ownership in the United States, President Trump demonstrated his strong support for Americans’ fundamental gun rights while at the armory by browsing the store and talking about pistol grips and the Second Amendment.

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