Libs Lose Their Minds Over Trump’s Secret Office They Just Found

The Federal General Services Administration allocates funds for post-presidential offices, as stipulated by the Former Presidents Act, which includes financial resources for personnel remuneration. There exist various factors, including security concerns, that prompt certain former presidents to choose a private approach toward their post-presidential activities.

Former President Donald Trump got a post-presidential office but has chosen not to publicize it, and liberals are going insane over it.

The left-leaning NBC did an extremely in-depth article about it, and of course, they lost their collective minds in the process.

The article begins:

“Donald Trump likes to put his name on everything — except his taxpayer-funded, post-presidential office here on North Flagler Drive.”

Trump’s website doesn’t list the address, which is about a 10-minute drive from his Mar-a-Lago club. The nameplate on the hallway wall is blank. There is no seal, official or unofficial, on the frosted-glass door. And the name Trump — a brand the former president estimates to be worth billions of dollars — is nowhere to be found.

The existence of the aforementioned matter was reported to be unknown by Steven Cheung, the spokesperson for the individual in question.

Cheung expressed unfamiliarity with the North Flagler office, stating “I’ve never heard of a North Flagler office,” in response to NBC News’ inquiry regarding the suite on Wednesday.

However, the location of the aforementioned facility is situated within close proximity, specifically across the hallway from an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) suite.

According to NBC, the facility is positioned one floor below a designated area dedicated to accommodating the Secret Service personnel responsible for the protection of Trump.

In the outlet’s article, the writers go on to “question” what is in some of the boxes stored in the suite, practically begging readers to assume that they are full of classified documents. The writers are obviously Joe Biden supporters.

The NBC story continued:

“What stands out about this suite is that it has played a little-noticed role in Trump’s affairs as he takes the unusual step of seeking a return to the White House following his 2020 defeat.”

It has apparently housed classified material and, according to a person familiar with Trump’s operation, been searched by a private firm at the direction of Trump’s lawyers. Long after that inspection, bankers’ boxes were still piled against the wall and in the middle of the main room, according to two sources familiar with the office.

“Boxes everywhere,” one of the sources said. “The state of that office is generally cluttered. If there weren’t boxes and bins, I’d think that something happened.”

There’s no indication that Trump has used the office himself. It is not clear what is currently in the boxes, and it is not clear whether he knows what is in them.

OK, we get it; you don’t like Trump and want people to think that there are classified documents stored there illegally, without proof, of course.

The NBC writers continued down the rabbit hole, trying even harder to make readers question whether Trump was breaking the law by having confidential materials in the suite.

The article went on:

“In June, Trump pleaded not guilty in federal court in Miami to charges that he unlawfully held and hid classified documents after he left the White House. A spokesperson for special counsel Jack Smith declined to comment on what prosecutors know about the office and its contents.”

Aside from the classified-documents case, Trump’s unique triple-hatted role as former president, candidate and defendant raises questions about whether and how his aides keep their work separated.

Several Trump aides on the payroll of his Save America political action committee, his 2024 presidential campaign or both have worked at the post-presidential office since it opened two years ago, according to campaign finance records and people familiar with the office. Cheung did not respond to a follow-up email seeking details about the office and its operations, including whether aides on Trump’s political payroll who have worked there are also paid by the government or a private noncampaign entity.

Next, the Joe Biden supporting NBC writers went even further, questioning whether Trump’s aides are breaking the law, without zero proof or reason to believe they are.

The NBC writers conclude by trying their damndest to make people think something nefarious is afoot at Trump’s post-presidential office:

“It is possible for one person to split time between a campaign and government work, according to election finance experts. For example, most executive branch employees — including political appointees — can participate in certain partisan political activities outside of work, so long as they don’t use government resources. And it could be that Trump’s aides are careful not to mix political work with official business.”

But there is a strict prohibition on performing political duties on government time — or in a government-occupied building or room. It is not clear what steps Trump is taking to ensure a wall of separation between official and campaign business for aides who are on his political payroll.

“The general rule is, even where dual-hatting is allowed, and even when it’s being done without pay on either or both jobs, you definitely cannot conduct [political] work in your government office,” said a former Federal Election Commission lawyer who asked to remain anonymous to discuss the Trump situation. “That is pretty close to an ironclad rule.”

Most former presidents don’t have to contemplate mounting a legal defense and a presidential campaign as their aides reply to correspondence from fans and dignitaries.

The DNC’s propaganda wing in MSM is hard at work trying to influence another election.

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