Longtime Fox News Host Fired In Wild Turn Of Events

According to Mediaite, Ed Henry, a former Fox News personality known for his involvement in many scandals, has been removed from his position at Real America’s Voice, a television network associated with far-right ideologies.

According to sources within the organization who talked to Mediaite, Henry received notification from network executives on Monday that his tenure at the network has concluded, and he was advised to communicate with the network’s attorney. According to sources, Karyn Turk, who serves as Henry’s co-host on the television program American Sunrise, has also been temporarily removed from her position.

The altercation between Henry and the fringe media organization is purportedly linked to an invitation he received to join a rival broadcasting network. According to a source within the network, Henry was reminded by his managers that his contractual obligation with RAV extends until November 2023 when he discussed the potential of his departure.

According to the source, Henry’s endeavor to depart from the network amicably was undermined by the proprietor of RAV.

“Ed Henry received a promising job offer, and he was actively engaged in real discussions with Real America’s Voice to find an amicable solution,” the source said. “The situation took an unexpected turn when Rob Sigg, owner of RAV, made the abrupt decision to sideline Ed and prevent him from pursuing the new opportunity. Despite Ed’s efforts to resolve the matter, RAV has been enforcing the contract while effectively benching him and attempting to impede his new deal.”

The individual with intimate knowledge within the network made an added, “Astonishingly, neither the fans nor the sponsors were informed of this change. Ed Henry and Karyn Turk were left completely in the dark, only learning of their ousting when contacted by the RAV attorney, leaving both hosts astonished and disheartened by the unexpected shift in their roles.”

During an interview with Mediaite, Turk revealed that she became aware of their removal as anchors of America’s Sunrise while on her scheduled day off.

“I was told by the ownership that changes were being made and that others would be hosting during my vacation,” Turk said. “I’ve had no other communication about the future of our show or the network’s decision. I have had a lot of communication with our viewers on social media and remain touched by the amount of support from our audience.”

Conservative commentator David Brody recently made an announcement on the social media platform Instagram, revealing his forthcoming role as the host of the morning show starting from Tuesday. On Thursday, a video shared on the social media platform Twitter by the account RAV featured individuals named Brody and Miranda Khan assuming control of America’s Sunrise.

In the midst of the network upheaval, Henry is confronted with substantial legal challenges. Despite evading imprisonment last week subsequent to being charged with driving under the influence (DUI), Henry is presently entangled in a protracted legal dispute with Jennifer Eckhart, a former producer at Fox News, who has levied allegations of sexual assault against him.

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