Maine Shooter Found Dead After Days Long Search


In the wake of an unfortunate event that occurred on Wednesday, 18 individuals tragically lost their lives in Lewiston, Maine. Robert Card, the man alleged to have been involved in this horrific incident, was found lifeless later in the week, as declared by sources in law enforcement.

Friday evening, at approximately 7:45 p.m., revealed the tragic end of Card, according to the very same sources in law enforcement.

His lifeless body was discovered in Lisbon Falls, Maine, a community not far from Lewiston. He was situated near a recycling plant, peculiarly close to a dumpster, raising numerous questions about the circumstances of his demise.

The subsequent investigations revealed a shocking fact – Card was determined to have committed suicide, as indicated by the gunshot wound he appeared to have inflicted upon himself. The law enforcement authorities involved in the case confirmed this detail, further propelling the incident into an avenue of macabre intrigue.

Adding further depth to the story, it was unearthed that Card had past ties with the recycling plant nearby which he was discovered. While the details about this connection were not immediately made available, this revelation presented additional context for the case at hand.

Circling back to the Friday evening, the honorable Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, addressed the public in a press conference. Gratitude was expressed towards both local police officers and the Maine State law enforcement for their relentless work in uncovering the details about Card.

Card didn’t just cast a lengthy dark shadow over the state, but emerged as the prime target of an intense, two-day manhunt. The incident that led to this hunt involved not just one, but two harrowing mass shootings at well-known local venues – the Sparetime Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar and Grille.

With a suspect considered armed and highly dangerous on the loose, hundreds of law enforcement officers were mobilized rapidly. The manhunt was bolstered by the inclusion of the FBI, the SWAT team, and the elite ‘BORTAC’ Border Patrol unit, all unified in their resolve to locate Card.

As the dust settled by the end of Friday, Maine officials took on the delicate task of identifying the victims of this horrifying event. Respectfully and solemnly, the identities of those we lost were confirmed.

Among the deceased were Ronald Morin, Peyton Brewer Ross, Joshua Seal, Brian MacFarlane, Joseph Lawrence Walker, and Arthur Fred Strout. Their respective ages ranged from 35 to 57, somehow underscoring the randomness and indifference of the awful tragedy that unfolded.

Also among the fallen were Michael R. Deslauriers II, Jason Adam Walker, Tricia Asselin, William Young, and his son, a mere 14 years old, Aaron Young. These individuals, along with Maxx Hathaway, Stephen Vozella, and Thomas Ryan Conrad were brutally taken from us.

Robert Violette, aged 76, and Lucille Violette, aged 73, were also a part of the victims. Similarly, William Frank Brackett, witnessing his 44th year of life, and Keith Macneir, aged 64, were included in the list of the lost.

The tragic and senseless loss of these innocent lives has left an indelible mark on the community of Lewiston. We celebrate their lives and mourn their untimely departure as we search for answers and strive to prevent future instances of such carnage.

In our collective grief, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and pray for strength and solace. Let this incident be a somber reminder of the need to constantly uphold our shared commitment to peace, safety, and humanity.

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