Mainstream Media Suggests Kamala Harris Steps Down for the Sake of the Country

Recently, an opinion piece graced the pages of the Washington Post. The article was penned by Kathleen Parker, and it calls into question the effectiveness of Vice President Kamala Harris. In the piece, Parker posits that it may be in the country’s best interest if Harris were to ostensibly step aside, suggesting this might help preserve the prospects of a successful reelection campaign for President Biden in 2024.

Parker outlines Harris’s past roles, shedding light on her experience as the attorney general before moving on to serve as a senator from California. However, she perceives Harris’s present position in the administration as somewhat peripheral, arguing that she seems to have been placed into the background and expected to maintain a low profile.

This perceived relegation, according to Parker, was not due to Harris’s political prowess or abilities but was influenced more by her identity as a female and African American. She assigns a harsh critique to Harris’s performance thus far, suggesting Harris was chosen more for her demographics rather than her political acumen, causing an unfortunate dilemma for the administration.

In Parker’s view, the crux of the problem lies in the fact that Harris’s selection was guided by her being a Black woman. While this was seen as a strength initially by providing job security, it now poses a threatening conundrum. Now that perceived obstacles are emanating from Harris’s involvement, President Biden finds himself in a tight spot when it comes to addressing it without alienating his loyal supporters.

Parker underscores the gravity of this dynamic, which she believes ought not to be downplayed. She warns that the president’s progressively diminishing acuity despite his recent successful State of the Union address, and his advancing age, compound the problem. Additionally, she finds Harris’s performance as vice president to be less than stellar.

In her opinion, Parker asserts that Harris’s seeming inadequacy as Vice President will be subject to heavier scrutiny in light of Biden’s advanced age. She also draws attention to the pervasive concern of many Americans regarding Biden’s age as a potential hindrance for him to assume another term.

Supporting her point, Parker cites data from a recent survey conducted by ABC News/Ipsos. The survey results insinuate that a staggering majority, approximately 86 percent, of Americans harbor concerns that Biden’s age might be prohibitive toward his fulfilling another term.

Taking her argument further, Parker points out that Vice President Harris’s approval rating sits at one of the lowest among vice presidents in the nation’s history. According to her, only 37.2 percent of Americans approved of her performance while a majority, numbering 52.3 percent, disapproved.

Parker extrapolates that if a situation were to arise requiring Harris’s sudden ascent to the presidency, there’s no compelling indication that her approval ratings would see a significant boost. The author explains that quite the contrary, ostensible signs hint at potential turmoil.

For this reason, Parker respectively proposes that the prudent course of action would be for Harris to recuse herself from the Vice Presidential candidacy. She believes this course of action would prevent potential issues down the line for the Democratic party.

In place of Harris, Parker is rather vague in her suggestions regarding a replacement, sparking speculation. She believes Harris could be persuaded to step back if an attractive enough offer, such as serving once more as attorney general, were on the table.

Parker affirms that this move would resonate well across both aisles. In her view, both Democratic and Republican members would breathe a sigh of relief if Harris were to gracefully make an exit, allowing for the possibility of a more robust running mate.

In her concluding remarks, Parker appeals directly to Vice President Harris, beseeching her to contemplate the possibility of stepping down. ‘Please, Madame Vice President, do it for your country,’ she contends, hoping that this cri de coeur finds the ears of the Vice President.

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