Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Fani Willis Step Down After Romantic Entanglement 


Marjorie Taylor Greene, the outspoken Republican representative from Georgia, recently voiced critical sentiments towards Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, in light of recent reports suggesting an inappropriate relationship with a key prosecutor. Greene, communicating to Breitbart News, was effortlessly candid about the report, which suggests that Willis had been involved romantically with Nathan Hale, a prosecutor she herself hired to assist in the case against former President Donald Trump.

Documents submitted in court last week hinted at the romantic involvement between Willis and Hale, a revelation that seemed to bypass Willis’s stern assertions that such connections had no impact on her duties or prosecution relating to the Trump case. This involves numerous individuals implicated in alleged state RICO violations following the contentious 2020 election. Greene firmly spoke her mind with respect to Willis maintaining her current position, ‘Absolutely, she should step down.’

Fani Willis is a CORRUPT Democrat

Jack Smith is a CORRUPT Democrat

“Judge” Arthur Engoron is a CORRUPT Democrat

These CRIMINALS should be disbarred and have their licenses taken away

THOUGHTS on their corruption ?

— Marjorie Taylor Greene Press Release (Parody) (@MTGrepp) January 30, 2024

Greene didn’t hold back her clear skepticism, saying, ‘She should be absolutely ashamed of herself.’ She was referring to Willis’s alleged misconduct, including engaging in an improper relationship and misusing public funds. To oversee this issue, an investigation has been ordered by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, as reported by The Washington Post.

Greene expressed her eagerness to see a thorough exploration of the issue, indicating, ‘There’s so much evidence coming out. I would love to see a criminal investigation. That’s what should be happening here, in the state of Georgia, against Fani Willis,’ This led her to appeal to Gov. Kemp, and Attorney General Chris Carr to initiate a criminal investigation.

Greene continued to speak out against Willis, focusing on her alleged relationship with Nathan Wade and the implications it had on Wade’s professional duties. Wade, Greene argued, managed to secure a contract with the Fulton County and secure a position as prosecutor through his allegedly intimate relationship with Willis. As per Greene, this relationship factored into her decision to file an ethics violation against Wade, as it elevated scrutiny.

Unfortunately, but perhaps unsurprisingly, her appeal to Gov. Kemp fell on deaf ears. In a statement shared through Breitbart News, Kemp suggested that Greene’s grievances should be directed to the state’s oversight committee after the current legislative session concludes. This suggestion sparked frustration with those who feel immediate action is needed.

Kemp’s spokesperson commended the congresswoman’s right to approach the oversight commission with her complaint, accentuating how the Georgia General Assembly has established a transparent and unbiased process for reviewing district attorneys. The spokesperson explained, ‘Just last year, the Georgia General Assembly laid out a specific oversight process for district attorneys that is transparent and unbiased, which the governor supported and signed into law.’

Despite Kemp’s advice, Greene continued her push for an investigation. She has also submitted a formal complaint to Kemp and Republican Attorney General Chris Carr. Her complaint primarily alleges that Willis, a known Democrat, exhibited political bias and illicit allocation of funds—approximately $700,000—to Wade, with whom she’s been romantically linked.

In addition to claims of financial impropriety, Greene also pressed further inquiries into Willis’s conduct, stating that if the allegations prove to be true, it would be evident of Willis engaging in severe law violations, potentially inclusive of violation of public oath. Her strong comments showcase a dedication to identifying and exposing potential misconduct within Georgia’s legal system.

Many individuals close to former President Trump believe that while there are bureaucratic procedures to follow, Kemp himself could take the initiative to launch an investigation. Republican operative Mike Davis, who’s closely aligned with Trump’s circle, confidently expressed that Kemp possesses the statutory power to mandate a criminal investigation immediately.

However, Greene noted that while committee processes are typically effective, the need for immediate action queers the pitch since Willis is prepping to bring Trump’s case to trial in the coming months. Greene’s emphasis on timely justice reflects the perceived urgency of this matter in her eyes and those of her conservative allies.

There’s talk that Willis could potentially lose her reelection bid in 2024 from county voters who are increasingly exasperated by allegations of corruption. This, coupled with the friction generated within the county, suggests a rather unstable future for Willis in her position of authority.

Greene drew a connection to a similar incident involving the previous Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, whose reelection bid in 2022 ended unsuccessfully. Greene suggested that Willis could likely undergo a comparable situation, largely due to growing public dissatisfaction.

Speaking on this, Greene urged not to overlook the voice of Fulton County voters stating, ‘Don’t count them out. They got fed up with Keisha Lance Bottoms, the former mayor, sick of her.’ Greene then pointed out why the voters got tired of the former mayor – because of perceived lax law enforcement and public safety policies.

Despite the neighborly dissent, Greene continues to vocalize the perceived need for stronger law and order and accountability. Echoing the sentiments of her demographic, Greene advocates for transparency and integrity among public officials, emphasizing the importance of maintaining public trust, particularly in the realm of law enforcement and public safety.

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