Matt & Joy-[DS] Propaganda Does Not Work On The People Anymore,The Truth Will Always Win In The End

Matt and  Joy Thayer  are filmmakers they started Speropictures in their basement. The conversation begins with Matt and Joy talking about how the [DS] propaganda does not work on the people anymore. Each time they put out a story it doesn’t take a year or month to debunk it, it is now happening in a couple of hours. The [DS] can no longer censor the people, they have lost control of this function, they will most likely move to the next step of a blackout. The fake news has been trying to keep in the dark about who Trump really is. They know if the people realize who he is majority would vote for him. Matt and Joy are now ready to show the world who the man really is, they are going to show a side of him that people have not seen with their virtual red carpet of The Trump I Know.

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