Media Goes After WH for Orwellian Shifting Answers

Regarding Joe Biden’s conversations with his son about the Biden family’s international business connections, the White House has been implementing an Orwellian modification. Biden has maintained for years that he never discussed his son’s business with him.

This is false on so many levels—he has spoken to his kid, he is said to have made at least 24 phone calls during business meetings, and he has even met with the associates we have mentioned—we have pictures to prove it. The business partners reportedly went to the White House 80 times. It is absurd that Joe keeps trying to say that he has never spoken to him.

The White House attempted to influence a makeover of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s reaction on Monday since it is so absurd and obviously false.

“I’ve been asked this question a million times. The answer is not going to change. The answer remains the same,” Jean-Pierre claimed. Joe Biden was “never in business with his son.”

The response did alter, though; that wasn’t what she repeated endlessly. She repeatedly emphasized the fact that he has “never spoken” to his son about his business. Even with this response, she omitted to address a query on a recent article in which Devon Archer said that Joe Biden had called during at least 24 business meetings. She would not dispute that.

On Wednesday, the media went after Jean-Pierre once more, cornering him and pointing out that the question and answer had changed. “The president has previously said that he has never discussed overseas business dealings with his son, but the White House now says that the president has never been in business with his son. So, why the updated language?” Reporter Philip Wegmann for RealClearNews enquired.

“The president has previously said that he has never discussed overseas business dealings with his son, but the White House now says that the president has never been in business with his son. Why the updated language?”

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: “Nothing has changed.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 26, 2023

The president previously said “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

But White House has since said Biden “was never in business with his son.”

Asked about the shift in language, the White House tells me four different times “nothing has changed.”

— Philip Melanchthon Wegmann (@PhilipWegmann) July 26, 2023

Jean-Pierre argued that “Nothing has changed,” despite the fact that things had changed clearly.

A another reporter enquired as to whether she would clearly state that Joe Biden and his son had not spoken. Continuing to claim that she had nothing to “add” from Monday, she declined to respond to the query.

“Can you say specifically that the president did not have discussions of any kind with Hunter about his business dealings?”

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: “I don’t have anything to add to what I stated on Monday”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 26, 2023

Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich said that the White House was attempting to delay her from asking questions by saying that Hunter is a “private citizen” while he is traveling in a Secret Service motorcade. Heinrich questioned who is paying for that in a report. Possibly us.

Did American Taxpayers pay for Hunter Biden’s motorcade to court?

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) July 26, 2023

Heinrich remarked, “It’s frustrating that we can’t get answers.” She brought up the fact that, as the plea deal proceedings showed, Hunter Biden is purportedly still under investigation for a possible violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). As I said in my last post, Devon Archer’s lawyer disclosed that his client had appeared before a federal grand jury on inquiries regarding the overseas business dealings. Heinrich claimed that KJP called other people rather than Fox when she wanted to inquire about the appointment of a Special Counsel.

“But the language has changed,” Heinrich acknowledged. She said it’s the difference between “no knowledge” and “no involvement.”

But he is “involved” if he is talking on the phone during business meetings. He is “involved” if he is snapping pictures with the business partners to aid Hunter’s business transactions. He is considered “involved” if he is expected to receive a portion of the planned company, such as “10% for the big guy.”

They’re not only attempting an Orwellian two-step, but it doesn’t make sense either way.

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