Melania Blamed As ‘The Big Problem’ In Trump’s 2024 Campaign

Donald Trump is currently faced with a multitude of responsibilities, as he navigates four pending legal matters and actively engages in preparations for his prospective 2024 presidential candidacy.

However, there is a prominent subject that consistently arises and remains a persistent concern for him throughout press conferences and election-related activities: The current whereabouts of Melania Trump are unknown.

According to SheKnows, it is plausible that Trump holds the belief that he and his spouse have adequately addressed this inquiry.

However, information obtained from undisclosed sources suggests that his staff members are growing increasingly concerned about the extended duration of her absence.

The presence of one’s spouse during an election, although perceived as antiquated, remains a crucial component on the campaign checklist and significantly influences voters’ perceptions.

Melania exhibited a notable reticence towards public visibility during her initial tenure, and it is plausible that Trump’s adherents would express a preference for a more frequent presence of hers, even if it is of a limited nature.

“The reports were that she was angry, and she wanted nothing more to do with politics… and nothing more to do with campaigning. She wanted out and wanted to be a private person with her son,” according to Ron Filipkowski, a leftist writer for MeidasTouchNetwork, during a recent livestream on Newsweek, who went on, “And I absolutely believe that is the case.”

Melania has not been to any of her spouse’s legal procedures and, to a large extent, has been absent from the campaign trail as well. According to Filipkowski, “Trump and Trump’s campaign people fully understand, that’s going to be a big problem that if she doesn’t at least get out there a little bit and show her support, it’s going to look bad.”

Humorously, though, during the proceedings at the New York City courtroom, an inquiry was made to Donald Trump on Melania’s perspective on the matter. The reaction is highly amusing given the widely known fact that the two individuals in question had not engaged in conversation for some weeks.

For individuals who have the perspective of not desiring another presidential term for Donald Trump, the prospect of such an outcome appears favorable.

Former US President Donald J. Trump tells me in the hallway of the courthouse following a break of the civil fraud trial in Manhattan, New York on October 17, 2023 that Former US First Lady Melania Trump says the trial against him “is a disgrace.”

— Kyle Mazza (@KyleMazzaWUNF) October 17, 2023

Melania’s most recent public appearance took place during an April Mar-a-Lago dinner. Additionally, she made an appearance in a concise interview on Fox News in the month of May. In conclusion, that is the entirety of the matter.

According to public relations expert Jane Owen, it is a prudent decision for Melania Trump to distance herself from the issues surrounding her husband, Donald Trump.

According to Owen who was interviewed by Newsweek, “The less she comments or is seen to be supportive or unsupportive, the more room she has to maneuver. If things go badly for Trump, she can remain relatively unscathed and come out with enough remaining star power to command a healthy fee for appearances or endorsements, should she want to go down that road.”

According to Owen, Melania is a “savvy woman who understands the power of the spotlight” and does not exhibit significant enthusiasm for her husband’s incessant pursuit of authority. Undoubtedly, Melania is currently relishing a tranquil existence.

In September, NY Magazine featured an article about the seeming absence of former First Lady Melania Trump from her husband’s busy schedule.

Apparently, during a college football game Trump attended that month, someone paid for a plane to fly a banner around with the words “Where’s Melania.”

Some people chalked it up to a stunt by the Desantis campaign.

NY Mag reported:

“Ahead of the Iowa–Iowa State college-football game on Saturday, someone went to the trouble of hiring a plane to fly a banner over the event mocking Donald Trump, who was in attendance. But of all the things they could mock him for — from getting indicted four times to refusing to accept his 2020 election loss to having small hands — they inexplicably went with “Where’s Melania?””

It’s a weird question because we have a pretty good idea of what the former first lady is up to: She’s living her life and avoiding her husband’s drama. Melania skipped all of Trump’s arraignments and post-arrest rallies, and hasn’t shown up to any of his campaign events. But she was never big on playing the dutiful political wife, and she isn’t “missing” as suggested by this flyer distributed at the game, which features the phone number for Mar-a-Lago:

In the last year, Melania has been spotted every few weeks in New York and Palm Beach, Florida, occasionally appearing with her husband or their son. And thanks to regular dispatches from anonymous “sources close to Melania,” we know she’s just not worked up about her husband’s considerable legal troubles.

“Melania is busy with her son and family and she pays only so much attention to these issues which captivate the media,” a source told People last month. “Of course these criminal charges are embarrassing to Melania and to Donald, but life goes on and each reacts to stress in different ways.”

So who’s behind this rather low-energy Trump attack? We don’t know, but Trump supporters were quick to point the finger at Ron DeSantis, and there is some circumstantial evidence to support that theory.

Weeks ago, the Trump campaign flew a banner over the Iowa State Fair that said Be Likeable, Ron!

Today, there’s scattered “Missing” flyers all over the rivalry Iowa game — where Trump, DeSantis & several other candidates will both appear.

— Rachel Scott (@rachelvscott) September 9, 2023

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