Michelle Busted Aboard Superyacht — Look Who She’s With!

With Tom Hanks in a tee shirt and many other well-known figures, Michelle Obama had a star-studded day at sea off the coast of Italy.

The 59-year-old former First Lady was spotted on a boat with a stunning array of A-list celebrities, including Tom and his wife Rita Wilson and renowned director Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw. The former First Lady has been vacationing in Europe for the past few weeks without her husband Barack.

Together, the group was spotted leaving Steven’s $250 million superyacht close to Portofino and boarding a smaller boat to go snorkeling for the day.

The celebs conversed while soaking up the Italian sun and admiring the breathtaking scenery during the boat voyage.

Michelle flaunted her toned body during the occasion in a white one-piece bathing suit.

She wore huge shades with the ensemble and pulled back her braided hair in a ponytail.

Rita, 66, chose to wear a cover-up with a white and navy blue pattern over a dark brown bikini. She added sunglasses and a handbag by Louis Vuitton as accessories.

Wearing a dark gray helmet, black shorts, and a white T-shirt, actor Tom, 67, set out on his adventure.

Afterwards, he removed his shirt and enjoyed the second part of the ride without a shirt.

Steven, on the other hand, was decked up in a black bathing suit, his wife of thirty-two years, in white shorts, and a straw hat.

During the boat cruise, many of the celebrities pulled out their phones to shoot some photos of one another and the stunning scenery.

Steven was once observed taking a picture of Tom when he was raising his arms.

Many of them wore gray swimsuits to protect themselves from stinging algae and jellyfish when it was time to dive into the crystal-clear blue waters for some swimming and snorkeling.

Michelle was seen climbing down from the watercraft via a ladder, her mask and snorkel balanced on top of her head.

They walked back to the yacht afterward, drinking Pepsi and wrapping themselves in some beige towels.

Steven participated in the project with his cute puppy, who was spotted enjoying the sun from the boat as the group made splashes.

After that, they made their way back to Steven’s massive 357-foot ship, which is equipped with a movie theater, two swimming pools, and a landing strip for helicopters.

Michelle has undoubtedly had a luxurious few weeks, touring several breathtaking locations throughout Europe.

She was spotted in the Spanish island of Mallorca a few days before to her appearance in Madrid, Spain, earlier this month.

Prior to that, she and her husband, Barack Obama, traveled to New York City to see the US Open.

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