Names On Epstein’s Calendar Just Released and It’s Explosive!

The Wall Street Journal conducted a comprehensive investigation that unveiled individuals of prominence who engaged in several encounters with Jeffrey Epstein.

The study by The Journal presents new insights into the frequency and locations of individuals’ interactions with Epstein, as well as the nature of the favors he provided, drawing upon an extensive collection of emails and calendars mostly spanning the years 2013 to 2017.

The evidence indicates that Epstein maintained connections with a diverse group of influential individuals much after the period in which he was officially designated as a convicted sex offender. In 2008, he entered a guilty plea for the charges of soliciting and procuring a minor for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. The individual in question was once again apprehended in 2019 on charges related to sex trafficking. Tragically, he passed away while in custody, awaiting trial, within the same year.

The following is a list of notable individuals included in the Journal’s reporting:

Woody Allen
The Oscar-winning movie director attended dozens of dinners with his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, at Epstein’s mansion and invited Epstein to film screenings.

In October 2014, Epstein planned for Allen to give lessons on film editing at his townhouse to a group of guests watching Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” the documents show.

“Woody and Soon-Yi lived in the same neighborhood as Epstein and were frequently invited to dinner parties at his townhouse,” said a spokeswoman for the couple. “There were always other guests at those gatherings.”

“Woody never had a business meeting with Epstein and not once spent time with him without Soon-Yi also being present,” the spokeswoman said.

Ehud Barak
The former Israeli prime minister visited Epstein dozens of times and accepted flights on Epstein’s private jet. Between 2013 and 2017, Epstein planned at least three dozen meetings with Barak. In January 2014, he met Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion and then they flew together to Tampa, the documents show.

Barak said he would regularly visit Epstein when he traveled to New York and would meet interesting people at Epstein’s townhouse to discuss politics and other topics. “Quite often, I came to the townhouse with my wife,” Barak said.

“I flew only twice on his airplane, together with my wife and Israeli security detail,” Barak said. He said he remembers the trip in Florida was to visit a U.S. military installation in Tampa.

“In retrospect, [Epstein] seems to be a terrible version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but at the time seemed to be an intelligent person, socially well connected,” he said.

Thomas Barrack
Barrack, a real-estate investor and founder of Colony Capital, and Epstein had known each other for years and his name appears in Epstein’s address book. In 2016, Barrack was a fundraiser and informal adviser for Donald Trump’s campaign when Epstein began scheduling a series of meetings with him.

Included in those meetings was an August lunch with Russia’s United Nations ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, and Barak, the former prime minister of Israel, the documents show.

Barrack declined to comment.


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