New House Speaker Johnson Affirms Unwavering Support for Israel’s Cause

Having been recently appointed as the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson affirmed America’s unwavering commitment towards its long-standing ally, Israel. When he spoke with Sean Hannity of Fox News in his initial appearance since taking on the role, he showed immense optimism for the future of America, conveying belief that the divine plan had not yet reached fruition.

The discussion also included the proposal of a $14.5 billion aid package for Israel, which goes beyond what the Israeli cadre had requested of the American executive.

This proposed aid from the House stands distinct compared to other versions of federal support since it involves a ‘pay-for’ approach in the budget rather than simply turning on the monetary taps. Mike Johnson attributed the specified amount to be linked with precise actionable parameters.

He asserted that each additional dollar on top of it would necessitate a proportional reduction in spending elsewhere, maintaining fiscal discipline.

During a rendezvous with the Biden administration at the White House, Johnson put forth his stance for the country’s subsisting struggle against Iran-backed Hamas.

Reminding President Biden’s staff about the limited capability of the Executive branch in such circumstances, he emphasized the power of Congress in decision-making regarding warfare. This, he cited as the wisdom of the Founding Fathers who entrusted such decisions to a body constituted by varied and wise counsel.

Johnson voiced America’s support for Israel, noting that Israel’s survival amidst adversities is heavily reliant on their alliance with the U.S. However, he also underlined the importance of strengthening America internally. He reiterated, ‘we have to first take care of our own household’.

He lauded the economic progress during Trump’s Presidential term stating that it was ‘not just incidental’, attributing the flourishing economy to tax reductions, regulation curtailment, and a boost in energy production.

Harking back to ‘the world’s greatest economy’, he and his party aspire to recreate this era. Yet, for that to happen, he argues, the country must deviate from the route the Biden administration is currently taking.

Johnson entreated his Democratic counterparts to objectively evaluate the basic realities before rushing into decisions. He made a call to all Americans, including both his political colleagues and everyday citizens, to embody the humility exhibited by Benjamin Franklin, and to courageously confront the impending challenges.

In the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Franklin notably declared his faith in divine providence, a faith that was shared by the country’s Founding Fathers during periods of crisis.

Such a belief, Johnson reiterated, saw the nation through tragedies such as the Civil War, the Great Depression, and both World Wars. He emphasized the importance of ‘divine guidance’ in the history of America.

On the grand stage of the Capitol, the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ is displayed proudly, which Johnson insists is more than a simple cliché. This motto, he believes, sets America apart from nations entrenched in Communist, Marxist or Monarchical ideologies. Faith, in his view, is a significant infrastructure in the American model.

Following three weeks of within-party debates, Johnson emerged as the elected Speaker. His election follows a relatively low-key political career since his entry in Congress in 2016. The relatively obscure presence until now has, with his recent election to the Speaker role, stepped into the limelight.

Earlier in the week, former President Donald Trump voiced his support for Mike Johnson. Stating that it was against his nature to take sides in the race due to the commendable talent of all competing candidates, he nevertheless presented his personal recommendation for Johnson. He shared this via Truth Social, a Trump media endeavor.

‘My strong suggestion is to go with the leading contender, Mike Johnson,’ forecasted the former President Trump. It’s noteworthy that Johnson has been a strong advocate for Trump, exemplified by his staunch defense of the former president during impeachment trials and his challenge to the reported outcome of the 2020 election.

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