New National Survey Shows Trump with Colossal Lead Over Nikki Haley


The political path of Nikki Haley, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), in the 2024 Republican primary has proven to be quite arduous and challenging. The current political landscape showcases former President Donald Trump’s dominance, as illustrated by a recent poll that included 1,297 prospective Republican primary voters. The poll, conducted by Morning Consult, found that Trump was the favored candidate of a commanding 81 percent of respondents, leaving Haley trailing significantly at 18 percent.

The evident 63 point divide between Trump and Haley paints a difficult-to-navigate scenario for Haley, with the gap seemingly too large to bridge. Looking back to an earlier survey by Morning Consult, a similar discrepancy was visible with Trump’s 79 percent support among GOP voters before the New Hampshire primary compared to Haley’s 20 percent. The data suggests a rigid and perhaps unwavering loyalty towards Trump among the potential voters.

Despite witnessing lower-than-expected outcomes in the opening primary rounds in Iowa and New Hampshire, Haley, who once served as governor of South Carolina, has reiterated her commitment to the campaign. She publicly maintained a position that the contest is far from decided. Projecting an aura of resilience and unbeatable determination, she shared her thoughts after the New Hampshire primary results.

“New Hampshire is not the concluding stop of this race, but merely the beginning,” Haley emphasized, driving home her intention to keep pushing. “The path doesn’t end here in New Hampshire and this has always been the strategy.” In the face of sturdy opposition and unforgiving numbers, her steadfast commitment to the campaign is a testament to her strength of character.

Haley went further to posit that the American populace is craving a shift from the Trump versus Biden dichotomy, looking instead for fresh candidates. “Any political party that chooses to break away from its aging candidate will assuredly win the race,” she opined. “In my view, the Republican party should be the one to seize victory this election cycle.”

Simultaneously, incumbent President Joe Biden is battling worsening prospects for re-election, an unprecedented situation compared to the electoral trajectories of his predecessors spanning three decades. A study launched this week asserts that less than 40 percent of surveyed individuals wish to see Biden continue for another term. The Washington Examiner highlighted this statistic as the poorest re-election desire in 32 years, even under his 41 percent approval rating.

These dismal results come in the wake of ongoing polls which suggest a potential loss for Biden against Trump, if the election were to happen now. However, these same polls suggest a general fatigue from voters with the choice between these two candidates for return to the Oval office. Despite the negative picture, Gallup, the polling agency, did offer a strand of optimism for Biden.

Gallup justified its hopeful stance with historical examples of presidents who, despite initially being unpopular, managed to clinch victory in their re-election campaigns. However, it acknowledged that none of these cases saw a predicament as taxing as the one confronting Biden currently.

Drawing on historical context, Gallup compared precedents including former Presidents Trump, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama to provide perspective to Biden’s current situation. The primary query for this comparison was whether these past leaders, at comparable points in their presidencies, deserved re-election.

To this, the data showed that George W. Bush, who did win his re-election, had the most significant level of support at 53%. Trump and George H.W. Bush, both of whom lost their re-election bids, stood at 50% and 49% respectively. Biden’s current level at 38%, in comparison, is more similar to Clinton’s 44% and Obama’s 43%, both of whom ultimately won their second terms.

Another significant finding of the survey was a sinking approval rate for Congress. Merely a quarter of the surveyed individuals approved of the re-election of current Congress members. However, a majority, at 55%, expressed their preference for re-electing their respective Congress representatives and senators.

To sum up, voter sentiment does not currently demonstrate willingness to grant another term to most federal officials, including President Biden. Public opinions of the incumbent fall behind those of other presidents at similar stages in their presidencies, and there is also a decreased propensity to support the re-election of Congress members.

The potential for an upturn in Biden’s numbers remains, based on historical trends. Biden perhaps rests his hopes of re-election on the examples of Clinton and Obama, who both experienced improved electoral fortunes and secured second terms, rather than the fates suffered by Trump and elder Bush, whose support dwindled as election year progressed.

This dynamic political landscape points towards an engaging, and most likely unpredictable, run up to the 2024 GOP primary. Characters such as Nikki Haley and others will continue to vie for a spot in a race dominated by heavyweights, despite the odds. There’s no telling at this stage who will emerge victorious.

In the evolving world of American politics, these statistics and surveys serve as indicators of the perceived sentiments of the electorate at a given time, they are not definitive. Candidates, voters, and political observers alike should remember that the race to the White House as always, is not merely about numbers, but about the will of the American people.

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