New Yorker Epically Takes Matters Into His Own Hands Against Pro-Hamas Supporters

On certain occasions, heroes wear flannel shirts, not capes.

In the wake of the Hamas-instigated war against Israel, woke radical leftists’ antisemitic nature has been exposed like never before, as demonstrated by a recent incident in New York City, one of many Democrat-run cities in this country. Chants of “glory to the murders,” “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and “Allahu Akbar!” filled the foul air surrounding the purportedly peaceful protesters.
Something else disturbing that we’ve seen happen with increasing frequency are the despicable incidents where pro-Hamas thugs in these same cities start tearing down Hamas hostage posters, which are put up around cities in hopes that someone, somewhere can provide information to worried and anxious family members, friends, and other like-minded allies.

Another unsettling trend we’ve noticed occurring more frequently is the heinous acts of pro-Hamas thugs in these same cities demolishing Hamas hostage posters. These posters are placed throughout cities in the hopes that someone, somewhere, can provide information to apprehensive and fearful friends, family members, and other allies.

Thankfully, a lot of these jerks are being exposed and called out, and some of them have even had their employment stopped or terminated. In other cases, we are witnessing street-level conflicts occurring concurrently with the poster-snatching.

A good illustration may be seen in the video below, in which a man wearing a flannel shirt and a person who seems to be a buddy confront a man who they believe had torn a poster off a street pole.

At a certain moment, Flannel Man gets hauled away just as he tells the man that he wishes he might be admitted to the hospital.

See it here:

There are good people out there. Let’s hear it for the non-Jewish gentleman in the brown plaid shirt who confronts the pro-murder, pro-kidnap bigot ripping down posters of kidnapped Israelis.

— Aviva Klompas (@AvivaKlompas) October 27, 2023

On Twitter, Flannel Man received the treatment befitting a hero, with many praising him for giving them hope for the United States.

“This is the way,” one Twitter user responded.

“A robust, colorful, New York style defence of free speech I can get behind: Say whatever you want to say in your corner, just don’t tell me what I can or can’t say in my corner,” another observed.

“Whats so moving about this clip to me is that it seems like a resurrection of a sort of the old liberal coalition: an inner borough tough, a black man, and another worker defending Jewish Americans,” wrote another.

“Some days people don’t suck,” someone who goes by the handle SweetChefLife1 noted. “And good on my dude for totally explaining the #1stAmendment in the most NYC way possible!”

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