Nikki Haley Calls Nevada ‘A Scam’ and Claims ‘Trump Rigged It’

Despite her recent setback in the Nevada Republican primary, the former UN Secretary, Nikki Haley underscored that she had anticipated the situation in Nevada and chose not to invest time or resources. Haley’s tally amounted to 31% of the votes, while an unexpected 63% of participants selected ‘None of the Above’ category, as reported by The New York Times. Remarkably so since no delegates were up for grabs during the state’s primary, only at the state’s caucus, an event Haley purposely didn’t register for.


Nikki Haley on Nevada: “It’s such a scam”

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Addressing her experience in the primary, Haley expressed, ‘It didn’t sting. Nevada, it’s a clear farce. It was clear from the beginning that we had no intention of expending our efforts or finances in Nevada as it didn’t weigh up to the cost.’

Haley affirmed, ‘We dismissed Nevada from our strategy early on as an option. It was quite evident that the deck was stacked against us. We are setting our sights on South Carolina, Michigan, along with the Super Tuesday. So, when you survey our results in Iowa and then in New Hampshire, we are continually on the rise. I believe that’s of greater significance than anything else.’

The former Ambassador observed troubling signs within the political landscape. Major votes were lost by Republicans on key issues like border control and Israel’s support. Furthermore, the revelations of various court cases that could potentially eliminate the immunity of President Donald Trump.

With the RNC chair’s position now vacant, Haley expressed her concerns, ‘There’s disorder in the ranks, and every bit of it can be traced back to Trump. This manner of turmoil within the Republican party is not sustainable. Countering Democratic chaos with Republican chaos is no solution. Hence, it is time we seek a transformation.’

Her views were voiced in response to an unsuccessful run in the Nevada GOP primary, against a surprising adversary, ‘none of these candidates.’ Facing the result, Haley emphasized that Nevada’s system was nothing more than a gimmick and held bias from the outset.

She furthered that decision not to contest was taken consciously, as no delegates were to be won. As a result, she didn’t ‘spend a day or a dollar there.’

In our national dialogue, this comes as news that the remarkably experienced Haley, albeit having received a significant share of 31%, struggled against the captivating appeal of ‘none of these’.

This turn of events, however, could not dampen her spirit. Possessing a resolve of steel, Haley sets her sights on the other crucial battlegrounds – South Carolina, Michigan, and Super Tuesday.

In the grander scheme, she asserts, these immediate setbacks may appear substantial, but the larger victories lie ahead. Her focus on continual growth, progress in other states and the process’s transparency signal towards a robust strategy.

Ambassador’s observations of the contemporary Republican landscape are equally sharp. It is a call to action, a plea for change – this chaos, riddled with losses on critical votes, stripped immunity, and a vacuum in leadership, must not continue.

Through this experience, Haley magnifies the pattern. This chaos is not exclusive to the Democratic realm; it has leached into the Republicans. Her wise words echo – ‘You don’t defeat Democrat chaos with Republican chaos,’ deeming a change absolutely necessary.

Despite the farcical ordeal in Nevada, where no real victory was to be won, Haley stands unyielding in her resolve. She marches on – eyes on the bigger goals, towards the existing opportunities.

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