Outrage Over What Hunter Is Doing With Dad This Weekend…

Some of the most significant information that have been revealed in the Biden family foreign affairs issue thus far has come from IRS whistleblowers, particularly in light of how reportedly heavily the DOJ intervened in the matter. It is also claimed that the investigators were forbidden from looking into anything involving Bidens other than Hunter, such as references to his father or the “big guy.”

Therefore, it raised many concerns last weekend when Hunter Biden traveled to Camp David with his father in the midst of the Russian uprising. Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, also attended. Many people theorized that the debates may be significantly more responsible for the issue than the Russians. It’s a little more difficult to determine who Biden might be meeting with at Camp David than it is at the White House.

But now that Hunter went to Camp David with his father for a second weekend in a row, even more questions are being asked.

What’s in the red backpack Hunter brought to court on Wednesday, and Camp David for the holidays? pic.twitter.com/MwsgAyW5cQ

— Greg Troutman (@TheTroutmanShow) July 3, 2023

The father and son duo boarded the Marine One helicopter at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C., Friday evening and headed to Camp David in Maryland. They were joined by first lady Jill Biden, Hunter’s son Beau and several White House aides, according to pool reports.

The president and first lady will return to the White House from Camp David Tuesday, where they will participate in a teachers’ union event and a military barbecue to celebrate Independence Day, the White House said.

Over the weekend, Joe Biden had no scheduled public appearances.

Since the state banquet on June 22, has Hunter been residing in the White House in between visits to Camp David? This past week, he attended a deposition in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s interesting that the accounts don’t mention Hunter’s wife Melissa on either trip, despite the fact that she attended the state dinner, even though they took the toddler Beau to Camp David last weekend and this weekend. At Camp David, did they have meetings with any professionals like attorneys or advisors? The White House will undoubtedly make every effort to avoid answering this issue if it is posed after the vacation.

“How else are they going to keep their stories straight?” Jonathan Wilcox, a spokesperson for Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., mused in a text to Fox News Digital.

The White House did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

After agreeing to a plea deal for tax and gun charges, Biden’s advisers reportedly advised him to distance himself from Hunter. However, it appears that Biden is doing the opposite. According to a source who detailed Biden’s communication to aides regarding advise about Hunter, Joe disregarded the counsel and said, “Hands off my family,” as stated in the source’s account.

Joe hasn’t exactly been wise, but over the past forty years, he has been mostly incorrect. Perhaps it would have been preferable for him to warn both himself and his son against engaging in dubious activity? If that were the case, they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in today and wouldn’t need to spend their weekends in Camp David.

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