Page Faces First UFC Defeat in a Thrilling Encounter with Undefeated Garry

Former high-ranking competitor in Bellator, Page (possessing an MMA record of 22-3 and a UFC record of 1-1), faced his initial setback inside the famed UFC’s octagon in the previous weekend. This occurred when he was handed a defeat in a unanimous decision to Garry (displaying an undefeated MMA record of 15-0 and a grand UFC record of 8-0). A pivotal juncture it was indeed for ‘Venom’ who had quite splendidly marked his first victory within the UFC by defeating Kevin Holland in his debut match last March. However, this pivotal hurdle in the form of Garry proved more challenging than expected.

In the wake of the fight between Page and Garry, there has been an aura of quietude from the previously vocal ‘Venom’. But when he finally broke his silence on social media last Thursday, the tone was of positivity and resilience rather than one of lamentation or remorse. The defeated fighter took it upon himself to share some inspiring words on his Instagram post, drawing upon philosophy, determination, and resilience. Essentially, he insisted on viewing defeat as an indicator that one’s approach needs to be reassessed, following which an improved game plan must be formed before setting off again towards one’s much-desired goal.

Page indeed experienced a dramatic fight in the welterweight category bout at the UFC 303. In the first round, he found himself dangerously close to submission when Garry unleased his famed rear-naked choke on him. However, ‘Venom’s’ tenacity and unyielding spirit spurred him to gather his stamina, compose himself, and bounce back with vigor in the second round to claim it.

While the third round was a closely fought contest, a test of stamina, will, and grit, it concluded on a high note for Garry. Both fighters left no stone unturned, making it an exhilarating and nail-biting experience for the viewers – a round that could have been anyone’s game ultimately. But, the panel of judges finally presented their unanimous decision, and their score favored Garry, ending ‘Venom’s’ undefeated run in the UFC.

Following this gripping combat event on UFC’s grand stage, the celebrated UFC CEO, Dana White, vocalized his opinions regarding the fight. Keeping in character with his reputation for fair judgment, he considered the fight between Page and Garry as a draw. This made it clear that he viewed the combatants as having exhibited equal enthusiasm, agility, vigor, and competitive spirit during their grueling challenge in the octagon.

As for the future of ‘Venom’ in the gladiatorial world of MMA fighting, it’s unclear when he would step back into the ring once again. At the age of 37, providing both his body and mind ample rest and recovery time can be central to his future successes in the octagon. A definitive timeline for his return to the UFC hasn’t been established yet.

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