Pathetic RINO Senator Pleads For Trump To Drop Out Of Race

RINO Senator Bill Cassidy has expressed his belief that there exists a significant likelihood of former President Donald Trump being convicted on charges related to his case involving classified materials in Florida. Furthermore, Cassidy the RINO opines that Trump should withdraw from the campaign.

During an interview with Kasie Hunt on CNN’s “State of the Union” program, Cassidy expressed his belief that the Florida indictment presents a highly favorable case for prosecutors against Trump. This assertion is based on the existence of audio evidence wherein the former president purportedly confesses to the alleged offense.

“You’re just asking me my opinion, but he will lose to Joe Biden,” Cassidy predicted.

Ultimately, Cassidy expressed his intention to cast his vote for the Republican candidate on the presidential ticket.

“I’m gonna vote for a Republican,” he pledged, “but my threshold issue for any person who wants to be the leader of our country is: Will you take care of the issues before us?

In the month of June, a federal grand jury issued an indictment against Trump, asserting that he violated federal law by retaining classified materials in his Florida Mar-a-Lago residence subsequent to his departure from office, rather than surrendering them to the National Archives. In July, a federal grand jury issued a revised indictment against Trump and his alleged co-conspirators, asserting that they engaged in a coordinated effort to destroy security camera footage from Mar-a-Lago with the intention of impeding the grand jury’s access to that tape.


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Despite Trump’s consistent denial of the accusations, claiming they were politically motivated, prosecutors have acquired audio evidence suggesting that the former president acknowledged possessing papers he deemed as “highly confidential, secret” during a conversation with a publisher and writer.

Back in October of 2021 Trump railed against Cassidy for saying Trump might not win the Republican nomination.

“Wacky Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana is a RINO Republican who begged for my endorsement in 2020 and used it all over the place to win re-election, much like Little Ben Sasse [R-Neb.], and then voted to impeach your favorite President,” Trump said according to the New York Post at the time.

In addition to facing indictment in the state of Florida, Donald Trump has also been subject to indictments by grand juries in Washington, DC, New York, and Georgia throughout the year 2023. The cases have all been brought by Democrats, some of them anti-white racists according to Trump.

The campaign of former President Trump directed its focus against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis subsequent to her indictment last Monday evening, asserting that her family has a strong inclination towards animosity, is “steeped in hate,” and highlighting her father’s affiliation with the Black Panther movement.

Following the issuance of charges, the Trump campaign corresponded with its supporters through email concerning the Georgia prosecutor. The communication contained excerpts from a Time Magazine story published in 2021 and information sourced from the official website of the Fulton County administration.

The campaign statement asserts that Willis hails from a “family steeped in hate” and identifies her as the daughter of a former Black Panther”, afterward citing the Time Magazine article as supporting evidence.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis

According to the cited Time article, “The daughter of a former Black Panther who recently retired as a criminal defense lawyer, the Inglewood, Calif.-born Willis would go along when her father went to court on Saturday mornings.”

“The judge who oversaw the Saturday courtroom, an older white man, was, according to Willis, known to be mean. But each week, he had Willis, too young to stay home alone or to hear the details her father needed to discuss with clients, sit next to him on the elevated dais, the two whispering back and forth,” Time Magazine continued. “One day, Willis’ father asked her what on earth they talked about.”

The email further included a citation from the official website of the Fulton County Government, whereby Willis made mention of her father, John Clifford Floyd III, and his past affiliation with the Black Panthers.

According to the government website, “Fani has a seemingly proud family background as an African-American woman. As what can now be considered a conscious foreshadowing to her future endeavors, she describes her Swahili name’s intended meaning, saying: ‘My name is actually Fani (fah-nee), Taifa is my middle name, and my last name is Willis. So, my father was a Black Panther, so he was very Afrocentric… my name is Swahili. Fani actually means ‘prosperous,’ and Taifa means ‘people.’”

According to a report by Axios on Saturday, influential Republican funders are engaging in discreet efforts to persuade prominent Republican governors, namely Glenn Youngkin of Virginia and Brian Kemp of Georgia, to consider contesting former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Republican funders are exploring alternate candidates to support in the upcoming election as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faces challenges in gaining popularity against the previous president.

Based on a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, it was found that almost 50% of Republicans expressed their disinclination to support Donald Trump in the event of his conviction for a felony offense. In the event that he is subjected to incarceration, 52% of individuals identifying as Republicans expressed their intention to withhold their vote from him.

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