Peter Navarro Halts His Live Presser, Goes To Blows With Vile Protester

Peter Navarro, a former adviser to Donald Trump, engaged in a confrontation with a protester while expressing his disapproval of the court system and CNN to members of the press subsequent to a judge’s ruling against him on Wednesday in his criminal contempt case.

In a recent ruling, Judge Amit P. Mehta determined that Navarro’s assertion of being impeded by executive privilege in his compliance with a Congressional subpoena issued by the January 6 Committee in the previous year is not valid.

Judge Mehta described the defense’s claims of privilege as “pretty weak sauce” during a hearing on Monday. On Wednesday, she rejected the defense, stating that “privilege cannot be validly asserted” in light of the evidence presented.

Following a significant setback, Navarro made his way to the steps of the courthouse, where he vehemently criticized CNN, among other matters. In the midst of his actions, he made a forceful gesture towards the placard being held by a demonstrator positioned just behind him, which bore the message “Trump lost!”

While engaged in ongoing communication with journalists, an individual who seemingly expressed support for a cause emerged, brandishing a diminutive representation of the American flag, in order to challenge the first dissenter. Subsequently, the latter individual endeavored to impede the progress of the newly arrived counter-protester by physically obstructing their path, positioning themselves in front and employing their sign as a barrier against the flag. This elicited a further reaction from Navarro.

“I think what this is kind of the important kind of kind of debate where and look, see, she’s trying to block the flag. Okay?” he said. “This is the problem we have in America. Like, she’s she’s got, ‘Trump Lost’ and, you know, that’s fine. She’s expressing her point of view. She’s got a megaphone to to disrupt. But when it comes time for me to express my view with you, you’ve seen what she’s done. She’s interrupted me while I was speaking. And she won’t even let an American show the American flag.”

“Shame on you, ma’am,” he said.

“You love the Proud Boys, huh?” said the protester.

Former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro tells reporters he has no concern about political bias among the prospective Washington DC jury pool, as he faces trial next week for Contempt of Congress

Then .. immediately shifts his attention to dueling protestors behind him in DC

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) August 30, 2023

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