Prominent GOP Organization Withdraws Funding from Nikki Haley Following South Carolina Defeat

After being defeated by former President Donald Trump in her home state of South Carolina, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley faces continued challenges.

Haley’s loss in South Carolina comes with the additional blow of losing crucial financial backing from a major GOP donor-funded organization. Conversely, Trump gains significant momentum with a notable endorsement from Senator John Thune, affirming his position as the Republican nominee for the upcoming election.

The withdrawal of support from the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity Action, a group advocating for free markets, further underscores Haley’s diminishing support. Trump celebrated this development on his Truth Social platform, highlighting the withdrawal as a testament to Haley’s faltering campaign.

Despite her defeat in South Carolina, where Trump secured around 60% of the vote to her 40%, Haley remains resolute in her candidacy. She emphasizes the significant portion of voters who seek an alternative, reaffirming her commitment to the presidential race.

In response to Trump’s victory and subsequent comments, Haley remains undeterred, expressing her determination to continue fighting for the presidency. She criticizes both Trump and President Biden for exacerbating divisions within the nation.

Meanwhile, Trump shifts his focus away from Haley, prioritizing the goal of defeating President Biden in the upcoming election. He downplays Haley’s candidacy, emphasizing his own record-breaking achievements in various states.

Trump’s victory in South Carolina further solidifies his position as the Republican frontrunner, garnering additional delegates ahead of the RNC’s nominating convention. With victories in previous primaries and caucuses, Trump maintains his momentum and expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received nationwide.

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