Psychiatrist Saw Signs Biden Was Likely Medicated During the State of the Union

New speculations have emerged, with seasoned psychiatrists suggesting that President Joe Biden’s delivery during his recent State of the Union Address may have been pharmaceutically aided. Among the voices raised was Dr. Carole Lieberman, an experienced forensic psychiatrist who specializes in dealing with older individuals and patients with dementia. She gleaned from Biden’s atypically passionate and speedy delivery indications of possible usage of stimulant drugs.

Dr. Lieberman, whose professional hub lies in Beverly Hills, observed a conspicuous disparity between Biden’s usual speech pattern and his delivery during the State of the Union Address, as reported in the Washington Times. The usually calm and measured president, aged 81, was significantly louder and faster in his speech delivery during the address, despite having a microphone within reach, sparking Dr. Lieberman’s assertions.

In the same vein, the Washington Times underscored that certain characteristics of the President’s speech – its speed and the heightened volume – could be potential signs of Adderall usage or other related stimulants. Comparing Biden’s usual speech delivery to his performance during the State of the Union Address, Dr. Lieberman concluded that the increased speed and anger during the latter could be indicative of amphetamine usage.

Lieberman, who hasn’t had an opportunity to examine the President in person, further explains that potential signs of medical aid were not only apparent in the speed of speech but also in Biden’s mannerisms during his remarks. The President’s habitual poise – hands resting on the podium while reading from a teleprompter – was notably replaced by frequent and rapid gestures during his speech.

At several instances during the address, Biden appeared to swiftly utter his words, a deviation not unheard of but quite observable. What marked a significant variation from the norm was his tendency to speak in a fast and animated manner, leading Lieberman to describe his speech as ‘a rapid word assortment,’ implying that there was some pharmacological aid at play.

Seasoned political observers did not miss the uncharacteristically energetic display by the President during his address. Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer’s comments reflected this sentiment. As per his feedback on X platform, the memirisbility of the speech wasn’t the content but Biden’s unusually fast and energized delivery.

Eminent GOP pollster and political consultant, Frank Luntz also lent his observations to this matter, highlighting Biden’s address as the ‘loudest State of the Union speech’ that he could recollect. He also wondered aloud whether the undecided electorates appreciated the heightened volumes, making his thoughts public on platform X.

Biden made remarkable slip-ups during his address, mistaking the name of Laken Riley, a nursing student from Georgia, whose life was tragically taken. According to the White House transcript, Biden mentioned ‘Lanken Riley’ and ‘Lincoln Riley’ instead of Laken’s name correctly, raising more questions and concerns among observers.

As Lieberman further dissected the President’s speech, she described a scene where Biden found himself tongue-tied and clueless in rectifying his spoken errors. His failed attempts at making a reference to Moscow and inability to self-correct his speech were telling signs of cognitive troubles, according to her.

She further elaborated on Biden’s name error, explaining that anyone could fumble names during a speech, but what troubled her was the President’s incapability to correct himself. ‘If he knew enough about her to discuss her, he should have known enough to use the correct name’ – this sentiment was echoed by Lieberman.

Dr. Lieberman probed deeper into the President’s behavior, suggesting that the emotional charge and the heightened tone of his address could be signals of cognitive decline. She asserted that such sudden outbursts or emotional volatility could be common among dementia patients, especially when under the influence of stimulants such as Adderall or amphetamine.

She stated that his shouting wasn’t merely speaking loudly, emphasizing that his raised voice was evident even in a room where everyone could hear him clearly due to the microphone. This kind of outburst could be a sign of a patient experiencing confusion or agitation before a high-stakes event, according to her.

Accusations of Biden resorting to medication to stay on track have surfaced in the past as well. In 2020, former President Trump allegedly claimed that Biden resorted to drugs to enhance his performance during the Democratic primary debates, as duly reported by the Washington Times.

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