Rachel Maddow Has Massive Breakdown Live On Air – Fears Execution

She’s apparently working on her resume for “The Onion.”

Rachel Maddow, a prominent figure on MSNBC, exhibited an unusual emotional response on Wednesday over the potential re-election of Donald Trump in 2024. Maddow expressed concerns that Trump’s return to office could result in legal action against the news network, perhaps leading to severe consequences such as executing them.

During her appearance on “The View,” Maddow expressed her belief that President Trump “wants to put MSNBC on trial for treason so that he can execute us”

Maddow offered a response to her co-host, Sara Haines, who asserted that Trump’s intention is to “wants to cancel the news, so they’re done.”


Look the panic from Rachel Maddow warns of TOTALITARIAN FUTURE if Trump wins in 2024

Ah ah ah “HE WANTS TO PUT MSNBC ON TRIAL FOR TREASON!” pic.twitter.com/lTSxQ6Pn4F

— 1776 (@TheWakeninq) October 19, 2023

Last month, former President Donald Trump expressed his intention to conduct an investigation into Comcast, the parent corporation of NBC News and MSNBC, on grounds of alleged “Country Threatening Treason.”

In a social media post on the platform known as Truth Social, former President Donald Trump composed the following message:

“They are almost all dishonest and corrupt, but Comcast, with its one-side and vicious coverage by NBC News, and in particular MSNBC, often and correctly referred to as MSDNC (Democrat National Committee!), should be investigated for its ‘Country Threatening Treason.’”

“I say up front, openly, and proudly that when I WIN the presidency of the United States, they and others of the LameStream Media will be thoroughly scrutinized for their knowingly dishonest and corrupt coverage of people, things, and events,” Trump declared.

“Why should NBC, or any other of the corrupt & dishonest media companies, be entitled to use the very valuable Airwaves of the USA, FREE?”

In his last remarks, President Trump concluded:

“They are a true threat to Democracy and are, in fact, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

“The Fake News Media should pay a big price for what they have done to our once great Country!”

The argument put out by Trump holds validity, particularly in light of the personal attacks and left-leaning viewpoints propagated by the network.

In a recent statement, Dean Obeidallah, a journalist for MSNBC, expressed the opinion that it is imperative Donald Trump “must die in prison” make him an example to the public that “you can’t do this.”

In a recent interview with a Mediaite reporter, the extreme leftist expressed the opinion that “I think Donald Trump must die in prison because I don’t care if he was 45 years old.”

Trump’s comments were made one week following his appearance on the television program “Meet the Press” where he was interviewed by host Kristen Welker.

The ex-President is a prominent adversary of the purportedly skewed news coverage by the mainstream media and consistently criticizes news outlets for their dissemination of misinformation.

Maddow asserted that Trump was “basically portraying a future for America … in which we don’t have another election after that.”

She further stated that he discusses the notion that “the elections are all rigged, that the democratic process can’t be trusted.”

It is widely recognized that Maddow assumed a prominent role in the two-year inquiry pertaining to the discredited allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

The host with left-leaning political views focused her news segments on promoting the story of Russian collusion and fostering societal divisiveness.

During the period spanning 2017 and 2018, Maddow dedicated a significant portion of her efforts to expressing concerns and exhibiting emotional distress regarding the potential collusion between President Trump and Russia.

During a televised broadcast, Maddow conveyed information to her audience.

“Above all else, we know this about the now-famous dossier — Christopher Steele had this story before the rest of America did. And he got it from Russian sources.”

While Maddow is being bombastic to increase her ratings and scare people, Trump is warning of impending global danger that was brought on by Biden and the far left.

According to former President Donald Trump, the invasion of Israel has raised concerns about the near possibility of a third world war.

President Trump issued a cautionary statement while addressing supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa recently, shortly after the commencement of Hamas’ military incursion into the nation.

According to Trump’s statement, “We are closer to World War III than we’ve ever been. And I’m the only one that will prevent World War III.”

Trump on to assert that a potential conflict of this nature would possess unparalleled lethality, citing notable developments in weaponry.

“That won’t be a war with army tanks going back and forth, too,” Trump warned. “That will be a war with weaponry the likes of which this world has never seen before … I know it. I know it better than anybody.”

The ex-president strongly criticized President Joe Biden’s leadership, asserting that his actions “caused this war with his stupidity” both domestically and internationally, attributing it to his lack of intelligence. Trump cited other acts taken by the Biden administration as factors, such as relaxed border rules and voter identification legislation.

Biden has faced persistent allegations regarding his alleged role in facilitating the Hamas offensive against Israel.

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