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The people of the European Union are not backing down. They are pushing back and they will continue to do this. Biden admin trying to play everyone else, but they are the ones who are destroying the economy. Trump lets everyone know that the Fed is propping up the market so Biden can win the election. The [DS] has infiltrated the country. They want the illegals to enter the arm forces so they can have a fast path to citizenship. The illegals have no loyalty to the US. The US patriots must remember their oath. The simulation that the [DS] is planning is to stay in power and now give it up. They will use their foot soldiers to resist. The patriots know the playbook. This is the final battle and the patriots will win in the end.



The popular farmer and trucker protests in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania, France and now Belgium are continuing.
Sensing the problematic nature of the uprising, watching the protests escalate to direct confrontation at parliament, and facing considerable political opposition on many domestic issues, the French government of Emmanuel Macron has agreed to the terms of the French farmers. However, the two major labor unions associated with the farmers in France are not asking for the protests to stop until they see the agreement of the French government in writing.

IMF chief warns European governments may ‘regret’ backing protesting farmers

European governments should resist calls for greater financial support from protesting farmers across the continent, or they could come to regret it, IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva said Thursday.

“But if that sentiment continues and it pushes governments in a corner in which they find themselves unable to do what is necessary for (the) strength of the economies, then there may be days to regret,” she added.


  buy back and dividend initiation. Investors love it.

Shameless Joe Biden Blasts Grocery Stores for “Ripping People Off” and Vows to Pressure Them on Pricing During Speech in South Carolina – Conservative Social Media Users Respond with Fire (VIDEO)

Now, leaked comments from the same speech are garnering Biden fresh ridicule on social media today. Amidst his brain freezes, Biden took time to blame grocery stores for the sky-high inflation caused by him and vowed to pressure the stores to lower their prices.
Here are Biden’s idiotic remarks on the matter:

Inflation is coming down. It’s now lower in America than any other major economy in the world. The cost of eggs, milk, chicken, gas, and so many other essential items have come down.But for all we’ve done to bring prices down, there are still too many corporations in America ripping people off: price gouging, junk fees, greedflation, shrinkflation.Well, it’s going to stop. Americans, we’re tired of being played for suckers. And that’s why we’re going to keep these guys — keep on them and get the prices down.

Social media users were not buying his remarks and responded angrily.




One Missing Line From The Fed’s Big Statement Could Spell Trouble For The Economy

The Federal Reserve excluded one key line from its Wednesday interest rate decision announcement, indicating possible trouble in the ailing banking sector that could spread to the wider economy.
The Federal Open Market Committee released a statement at the conclusion of its January meeting regarding the health of the economy, as well as a decision to keep the federal funds rate in a range of 5.25% and 5.50%. The statement excluded a phrase that had been present in previous months that reads, “The U.S. banking system is sound and resilient,” indicating that a troubled American banking sector could weigh on the future economy.  





SWATTER ARRESTED! California Teenager Faces Charges in Florida – Involved in Nationwide Swatting Incidents and Bomb Threats 

Alan Filion, a 17-year-old from California, is now facing legal repercussions in Florida for his alleged involvement in a series of swatting incidents across the United States.
The Seminole County State Attorney’s Office announced that Filion was extradited to Florida on January 30 to face charges related to a swatting call made to a mosque, marking a significant development in a case that highlights the dangerous trend of swatting.
The incident in question involves a threatening call made to the Masjid Al Hayy Mosque in Sanford, Florida, in May 2023. Filion allegedly claimed he was armed with a handgun and explosives, intending to commit a mass shooting “in the name of Satan,” a claim underscored by the sound of gunfire played during the call. This hoax prompted a massive law enforcement response, with approximately 30 officers dispatched to the mosque.

Filion’s activities extend beyond this single incident. He is accused of targeting a wide range of institutions, including high schools, historically Black colleges, mosques, FBI offices, and even making bomb threats against military bases and the Pentagon.
The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the FBI and the Department of Justice, traced the call back to Filion’s home in California.




RESIGN! Soros-Funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Issues Public Statement Following the Release of Illegal Immigrants Who Brutally Attacked NYPD Cops — Claims Insufficient Evidence Despite Video Footage (VIDEO)

Soro-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has come under fire for his decision to release several suspects involved in a violent attack on New York City police officers.


When confronted by reporters about his decision, DA Bragg refused to engage, walking away without answering questions.
“Why were those migrants released?” a reporter asked Bragg as he quickly walked to a vehicle waiting to whisk him away.
“Do you regret it? Do you regret letting these migrants free?” the reporter asked.
However, during a press conference held later that evening, Bragg defended his actions, stating that the release was based on the evidence available at the time and emphasizing the importance of ensuring the correct individuals are charged.


The Biden regime sent billions to illegal aliens who were not qualified for the payments due to their immigration status.
A recent report by the Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) discovered that $340 million from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund was given to a program that sent $1,000 checks to illegal aliens in Washington state.
Here is a copy of the Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund for 2022-2023



AGent provactures



Geopolitical/Police State



North Korea shows every sign of becoming the trigger for World War 3 

Imagine the internet and cell phones taken out, while water systems, rail transport, and sewers all become non-functional. The Biden administration, paralyzed by the domestic crisis, would not be able to oppose a multi-front attack triggered the North Koreans shelling of Seoul and then invading South Korea




False Flags


Update: Trump Verdict in Bogus New York Civil Fraud Case Delayed… Is a Last Minute Letter from Former Clinton Judge Reason For Delay?

The verdict in the civil fraud trial against President Trump has been delayed until early to mid-February, according to a New York court spokesperson.

The Guardian reported:
Though the court did not specify why Engoron is taking extra time on his verdict, reports have suggested a letter from the former federal judge Barbara Jones, sent on 26 January, is likely a factor in the delay.Jones has been serving as the court-appointed monitor overseeing the Trump Organization’s financial reports since November 2022.In her letter, Jones told Engoron that she identified “certain deficiencies in the financial information that I have reviewed, including disclosures that are either incomplete, present results inconsistently, and/or contain errors”.Included in Jones’s letter were her concerns about a $48m loan Trump received in 2012 by an entity affiliated with his building in Chicago. Trump reported the loan, which has no formal loan agreement, on his financial statement as a liability for multiple years. But in conversations with the Trump Organization, the company determined that “this loan never existed”.Jones had warned that while she is “not in a position to conclude whether fraudulent activity occurred”, she noted that “absent steps to address [the deficiencies], my observations suggest misstatements and errors may continue to occur”.


BREAKING: Trump Election Interference Case in Washington DC Has Been Removed from Court Calendar – Postponed Indefinitely

Radical anti-Trump Judge Tanya Chutkan and President Donald Trump
According to several reports the Trump election interference case in Washington DC has been removed from the court calendar.
The case has been postponed indefinitely.
The lawsuit against the former US President was originally scheduled for March 4, 2024 before Super Tuesday.
This is a huge blow to radical Obama Judge Tanya Chatkun and the Marxist horde in America.


  by prospective jurors and given to the parties. Was a questionnaire ever prepared? No — the case has been stayed. So no questionnaires will be received. There were procedures in place to review the questionnaires over the next several days, and each side was make requests as to which jurors to excuse without the need for them to come to court for jury selection. None of that is happening. Also, the logistics of bringing in several hundred prospective jurors is daunting. The DC District Court is not that big. Doing that requires a lot of preplanning by Court staff.
Has any of that been done? Probably not. Were juror summonses even sent out to several hundred prospective jurors — maybe, or maybe not. THESE are the NUTS AND BOLTS details of how a jury trial happens. You don’t just have hundreds of people spontaneously walk through the door on the first day of trial as prospective jurors. If none of it has taken place, then it has been a “given” for weeks that the trial would not start as scheduled on 3/4. But there was the possibility that 3/4 could have been used as the date to get the juror questionnaire sent out at least.
But because Trump is not obligated to participate at all in trial prep activities while the case is pending on appeal, the questionnaire has never been done. One of the first questions is “Do you have any plans that would make it impossible for you to be a juror from March 3 to May 3?” Well, you can’t send that out until you know what the start date will be. So all you supposedly “In the know” X-sters, just stop posting nonsensical conspiracy theories about why the Court — NOT JACK SMITH — removed the trial from the March 4 calendar.



Ballot bans have quickly become the Democrats’ central campaign strategy in the upcoming elections this November.

Bringing in illegals to vote

On Thursday, the Oregon Supreme Court upheld a decision by the state’s chief election official to ban 10 Republican state senators from the ballot this fall for walking out of the legislature to protest bills on abortion, guns, and transgenderism.

Voters approved ballot Measure 113 in 2022, which amended the state constitution to boot lawmakers from the ballot for more than 10 unexcused floor absences. Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 113 after Republican walkouts in 2019, 2020, and 2021.


OFF THE BALLOT: Oregon Supreme Court Bars 10 Republican Lawmakers From Running for Reelection

The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that ten Republican lawmakers may not seek reelection because they participated in a walkout last year over a policy dispute.
According to rule in Oregon called Measure 113, ten or more unexcused absences disqualifies one from seeking reelection.
Did you think the left would only use this tactic against Trump? Watch now as other states create new rules for the sole purpose of taking Republicans off the ballot.

FOX News reports:



 Biden rode into office promising to undo his predecessor’s work — only to quietly revert to Trump-era policies and initiatives across an array of fronts.

President Biden has quietly reverted to many Trump-era policies and initiatives. 

On his last full day in office, Trump imposed tough sanctions on a Russian vessel and its parent company involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a project that would have doubled Russia’s capacity to send natural gas to Europe.Biden makes partial U-turn, puts Houthis back on terror group list after Red Sea attacks
Biden reversed those sanctions in May 2021, overriding a State Department assessment.
Biden re-imposed the Nord Stream sanctions just hours before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.
The pipeline was ultimately destroyed in September 2022 amid mysterious circumstances.
Some alleged the involvement of the United States — which the U.S. has denied.
During his 2020 campaign, Biden vowed that “not another foot” of Trump’s wall along the southern border would be built.
He terminated construction contracts for the project.
In October, Biden made a U-turn and cleared the way for new border wall construction amid a surge in illegal immigration — tossing aside the relevant environmental reviews for good measure.


In another vehement campaign pledge, Biden vowed to put an end to domestic oil drilling on federal land.
“No more drilling on federal lands, period. Period, period, period,” he vowed.
The Trump administration had approved the construction of up to three drill sites in Anchorage, Alaska — a move Biden undid during his first days in office with a slew of climate-focused executive orders.



Can you guess what our recruiting shortfalls number is? You guessed it. 26k!  Army-10k Navy-10k Air Force-6k 26k total. I’ve been on top of this for almost 2 years.. And everyone called me crazy…


The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on  announced they were able to disrupt a massive Chinese cyber-espionage campaign called Volt Typhoon that penetrated critical American infrastructure systems.

Volt Typhoon was detected and made public by Microsoft’s cybersecurity team in May 2023. Microsoft described the perpetrators as state-sponsored hackers from China who were developing “capabilities that could disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the United States and Asia region during future crises.”

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in December that China was clearly “pre-positioning” cyber warfare assets to “disrupt or destroy that critical infrastructure in the event of a conflict, to either prevent the United States from being able to project power into Asia or to cause societal chaos inside the United States.”

DOJ said on Wednesday that the U.S. and its allies have stepped up their efforts against threats like Volt Typhoon, and that particular threat has been “disrupted” by purging its malicious software from hundreds of routers. U.S. officials remained certain that Chinese state-sponsored hackers were responsible for the intrusions.

Wray said the FBI also believes China will try to interfere in the 2024 elections,   Source:


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Feb 11 2018 15:23:50 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 6c8e3a No.339453
Feb 11 2018 15:13:20 (EST)

I would like to inquire of Q (with highest respect) whether RED_OCTOBER refers to
1) the fictional submarine whose torpedo homed in on itself and destroyed itself
2) the [RED OCTOBER] [Красный Oктябрь] cyberespionage malware discovered in October 2012-January 2013. It operated worldwide for up to 5 years before its discovery. It sent info ranging from diplomatic secrets to personal information, including from mobile devices. Red October was termed an advanced cyberespionage campaign intended to target diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations worldwide.
3) Something else
Future news will highlight.
Note “The Hunt For” was dropped.
Details matter.


Sep 16, 2018 12:01:43 AM EDT
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 240 


Jun 04, 2020 7:02:12 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 5d646d No. 9472818 


Those loyal to the Office of the President and the will of the people.
Those who swore an OATH to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.
Those good people who serve proudly for America.


Jun 29, 2020 7:17:42 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 7f6d6e No. 9792365 
Loyalists_critical. A counter-attack to the 1st [law and order] strike _prepared and ready in an effort to change the narrative _prevent [blind] mass public awareness re: coord effort to remove [sitting] US POTUS _covertly disrupt CoC _regional comm as needed.
Media plans to disregard [re_label as political attack _AG election interference] and inject script. Some commanding officers [EOs] may provide [CLAS 1-99] that do not reflect those [1-99] of the POTUS or the AG of United States.
Appropriate action should be taken.
Remember your OATH.
Remember your mission. Infiltration not invasion.
Defend and protect at all costs.

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