Report Reveals Why Melania Trump Has Retreated from the Public Eye

Melania Trump hasn’t joined her husband on the campaign road as he makes his quest to return to the White House, according to a new report.

She hasn’t appeared on behalf of former President Donald Trump since endorsing his campaign in an interview in May.

Twelve of Melania’s former collaborators, campaign workers, friends, and others were questioned by The New York Times about the reasons behind her disappearance from the public eye.

The former first lady reportedly still supports her husband’s campaign and is fiercely loyal to him.

However, the Times said that she won’t be present at many of his appearances until 2024.

She hardly ever even ventures outside of Mar-a-Lago at this time. Melania Trump likes to be left alone.

She currently appears to only be interested in promoting her NFTs and memorabilia on social media.

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The former first lady’s mistrust of the mainstream media and multiple strained relationships, including those with former advisers, acquaintances, and even other members of the Trump family, are just a few of the many causes for the move, according to the Times’ sources.

According to the story, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, have occasionally had a rocky relationship.

She also enjoys keeping the media guessing as to what her next move will be, according to the Times, which is another reason why she wants to avoid the spotlight.

“She’s the most obviously unknowable first lady,” author and journalist Kate Anderson Brower told the Times.

“There’s something radical about it,” Brower said. “First ladies are expected to want to please people, and I’m not sure she really cares.”

Kellyanne Conway, a political strategist and former Trump adviser, also provided her perspective to the Times.

“I know few people as comfortable in their skin as Melania Trump,” Conway said.

“She knows who she is and keeps her priorities in check. Melania keeps them guessing, and they keep guessing wrong.”

Therefore, even though Melania Trump intends to join the campaign at some point in 2019, don’t be shocked if she does so earlier.

After all, she enjoys keeping them in the dark.

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