Republican Presidential Candidate Rushed To ER Hours Before GOP Debate

According to a reliable source, Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota was sent to an emergency room in Milwaukee on Tuesday following an injury sustained during a casual basketball game with his staff.

The source reported that there is uncertainty regarding the ability of the 67-year-old presidential contender to participate in the upcoming GOP primary debate on Wednesday night, hence raising doubts about his attendance.

Burgum is among the eight contenders included in the debate lineup. On Wednesday afternoon, a walk-through of the event location has been arranged for all candidates. It remains uncertain whether the North Dakota governor will be in attendance.

The scheduled broadcast of the discussion is set to be televised on Fox News at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Republican governor, who possesses substantial money from his previous occupation as a software entrepreneur, has characterized himself as the least recognized candidate during the Wednesday night event. During his appearance on NBC on Sunday, he expressed that his measure of success in the debate would be contingent upon the opportunity to elucidate his identity, the principles he upholds, and the motivations behind his candidacy.

The candidate successfully met the Republican National Committee’s requirement of obtaining 40,000 unique donors, thereby securing eligibility to participate in the July debate. This achievement was facilitated by the candidate’s strategy of incentivizing donors through the distribution of $20 gift cards in exchange for $1 contributions. Subsequently, he fulfilled the polling prerequisites and affixed his signature to the commitment of endorsing the ultimate Republican Party nominee, both of which are also mandated by the Republican National Committee (RNC) for inclusion in the debate scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Governor Burgum, presently in his second term as the governor of North Dakota, declared his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election in June. It is worth noting that he possesses comparatively lower levels of name recognition in comparison to other contenders seeking the Republican Party’s nomination. The core emphasis of his campaign centers on the economy, energy, and national security.

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