Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and His Left-Leaning VP Pick: A New Course or Old Path?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s speculated vice presidential pick, Nicole Shanahan exhibits a tendency towards left-leaning ideologies, particularly, her notable support for ‘criminal justice’ initiatives. This is a surprising turn as Kennedy Jr. staunchly showcased a newfound political independence this past October, parting ways with his previous affiliation – the Democratic Party. He announced, ‘It’s time I charted my independent course, away from the Democrats and indeed, all political factions.’ Despite this declaration, Shanahan’s record places her firmly within the Democrat camp, with multiple contributions towards Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Kennedy Jr. has significantly distanced himself from the Democratic Party, seeking to cultivate an independent presence in the political realm. However, his veep choice, Shanahan, does not display a similar political middleground. Her historical affinities lean towards Democrats, with ample financial support for Joe Biden, reaching into the thousands.

Drawing from a report by the New York Times, Shanahan, once married to Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin, bears a long history of bankrolling Democratic campaigns. This included President Biden’s 2020 race when she offered substantial donations. Interestingly, she also backed Kennedy Jr.’s presidency campaign in May 2023 when he still identified as a Democrat.

Additional details reveal that Shanahan provided considerable contributions towards the Biden campaign in 2020, a hefty sum of $30,000, as indicated by Federal Election Commission (FEC) data. Moreover, she has made recurring donations to ActBlue, the Democratic fundraising entity, and even the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Beyond this, Shanahan has actively participated in influencing political decisions regarding ‘criminal justice.’ In an interview with San Francisco Magazine in 2021, she proudly referred to herself as a significant funding contributor for ‘Measure J’ in Los Angeles County.

The said ‘Measure J’ involves changes to the local charter. It stipulates that no less than 10% of locally created unrestricted income must be re-invested in community development and alternate solutions to incarceration. The measure also prohibits the misappropriation of these funds towards carceral systems and law enforcement agencies.

In that same 2021 San Francisco Magazine interview, Shanahan put forth her perspective on the George Floyd incident. She proposed that the presence of a mental health professional at the scene could have potentially altered the course of the tragic event.

According to the magazine, Shanahan’s commitment to transformative justice predates the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Shanahan shared, ‘About five years ago, I suggested to the head of Sergey’s foundation that ‘criminal justice reform’ was poised to be one of the defining issues of our generation. I am proud to have contributed significantly to ‘Measure J’ in Los Angeles County, rerouting some of the law enforcement budget towards mental and social support services.’

Expanding upon her thoughts, Shanahan argued that the arrival of a mental health professional during George Floyd’s arrest could have defused the tension, maybe even saving his life. These sentiments reflect Shanahan’s deep-rooted belief in transforming the criminal justice system.

Moreover, Charlie Kirk, founder of the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA, highlighted an additional aspect of Shanahan’s political inclinations. According to him, Shanahan is a substantial donor to George Gascon, the prosecutor reputed for his pro-crime stance and backed by Soros. Gascon achieved notoriety for his role in upsetting the San Francisco status quo and is currently viewed as detrimental to Los Angeles.

Concluding his assessment, Kirk labelled Shanahan’s selection as a clear left-leaning tactic by Kennedy Jr., aimed at consolidating his progressive credentials. He noted this move could potentially alienate common-sense independents and centrist voters, who are wary of escalating crime rates yet intrigued by Kennedy Jr.’s campaign.

Kirk further explained his concern: ‘Kennedy Jr.’s VP pick, Nicole Shanahan, has financially backed George Gascon, the pro-crime, Soros-backed prosecutor whose tenure has led to negative consequences for San Francisco and is currently disturbing the peace in LA.’

He also acknowledged her support for ‘Measure J,’ a Los Angeles initiative that rerouted spending from law enforcement, a detail that further corroborates Shanahan’s alignment with left-leaning ideologies. Her involvement with these initiatives signals her political persuasion.

The dynamics of Kennedy Jr.’s political campaign continue to evolve with Nicole Shanahan’s potential inclusion as his vice-presidential pick. Though he aims to redefine himself as an independent candidate, his choice in Shanahan, with her well-documented support for Democratic causes, blurs this self-professed independence.

The objective now lies in whether this would impact Kennedy Jr.’s campaign, especially in terms of attracting centrist voters and those with a practical approach to crime prevention. Only time will tell if this mixture of independence and distinct left-leaning sympathies can strike a favorable chord with the electorate.

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