Senate Dems Privately Worry Biden’s Age Could Cost Them White House

Behind the scenes, some Senate members of the Democratic party are quietly expressing concerns about the possible impact of President Joe Biden‘s advancing years on the outcome of the next election. These confidential discussions revolve around a pervasive anxiety over Biden’s age, which stands at 81, potentially influencing public perception and hence the poll results. However, these conversations are happening in private, seldom surfacing during official caucus lunches.

News from The Hill indicates that certain Democratic senators discreetly concede that Biden’s age might be one of their most substantial challenges as they prepare for the next electoral campaign. The issues at hand rise from the public polls showing a significant number of voters questioning Biden’s capacity to fulfill the demanding responsibilities of the presidency.

A Democratic senator, who wished to remain unnamed, shared with the same news outlet that these concerns have surprisingly never been voiced at their weekly luncheons. He expressed his personal amazement over the lack of formal discussion on the matter. However, that doesn’t exclude the presence of worry.

The aforenoted senator further articulated his apprehensions by conveying, ‘Look, I worry about it.’ Interestingly, his worries were less about the President’s ability to perform effectively, instead stemming from wide-ranging public sentiments doubting Biden’s competence due to his age.

As per the report, various Democratic senators are tacitly aware of the pressing problem that age represents, particularly among younger voters. However, they also resignedly state that it’s ‘too late’ to scout for another potential nominee. The reason being, the primary campaign season is already in full swing, with Super Tuesday looming just weeks away.

One of the Democrats captured the collective sentiment, stating, ‘The general sense of folks is that we’ve hitched our wagon to Biden. He’s navigated numerous priorities collaboratively. It may not be Biden himself, but it’s his team. Right? And we’re already well into the primaries.’

There was also a recognition that circumstances could change if President Biden faced a conspicuous cognitive or health crisis publicly. This possible game-changing incident was discussed with a reference to a situation involving Mitch McConnell, without going into specifics.

Senator Peter Welch (D-VT) didn’t hesitate to express publicly that while Biden could possibly clinch a win, he must not overlook the voters’ concerns about his age. His advice to the president revolved around exhibiting vigor, focusing on the future, and not solely concentrating on criticizing Trump.

In his words, ‘Biden, he’s got to deal with the age issue. He’s got to show some energy, and he’s got to show what the future is, not just dissecting Trump’s policies or actions. There’s a need for palpable energy and a forward-thinking vision from the Biden campaign.’ The senator’s statement denotes a call for dynamic leadership that would resonate with the voters.

Recently, Biden’s age has come under public scrutiny, particularly after the special counsel investigating potential misconduct in his handling of classified information from his previous term. The inquiry painted him as ‘an elderly man with a poor memory,’ unable to remember fundamental facts such as his vice presidential tenure or the passing of his oldest son.

Shortly after this portrayal, the President defended his cognitive abilities in a public comment where he averred his memory to be sound. However, an unintended error occurred when he erroneously referred to the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the ‘president of Mexico’, thus fueling further public observation.

Another perspective was offered by David Axelrod, an erstwhile chief strategist to Barack Obama in his presidential term. He shed light on the worrying narrative that the special counsel’s report propagates. In his assessment, it exacerbates what is already becoming a prevalent fear about Biden’s ability to perform his role effectively.

In a conversation with the New York Times, Axelrod expressed, ‘Fair or not, you can’t unring the bell.’ These words underline a significant sentiment. They bring to focus how the special counsel’s evaluation is directly affecting Biden’s current political standing, embedding a fear that he might not be ‘up to it.’

In conclusion, while Senate Democrats are aware of the age-related narrative, its mention remains only in hushed tones. It may well be that with aging, comes wisdom, but the challenge lies in convincing the electorate of that very notion.

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