Shocking New Details Uncovered In Mysterious Death Of Obama’s Personal Chef

New revelations pertaining to the untimely demise of Tafari Campbell, former personal chef of President Obama, have been disclosed by Jesse Waters of Fox News.

“We have new information tonight in the drowning death of Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell,” Watters reported. “The Massachusetts State Police responded to our FOIA request and released their report with some redactions.”

“According to the report, Obama was on the scene shortly after Campbell went missing,” he said. “Report also states an unmanned female staffer jumped into the water when Tafari fell off his board, but it was already too late. He disappeared.”

“We also now know that Secret Service has surveillance footage of Campbell from Obama’s compound moments before he entered the water,” he continued.

“So we’re going to see if we can get that and we may have that for you. Again, we’re very, very sorry for Tafari’s family,” he said. “That was a serious, serious tragedy.”

According to police records obtained through the Massachusetts Public Records Law, it was reported by the Secret Service that Tafari Campbell, who held the position of President Obama’s personal chef, had gone missing in Edgarton, MA. Subsequently, his deceased body was subsequently discovered in the vicinity of Martha’s Vineyard, aided by the utilization of sonar technology.

The documents, acquired by Judicial Watch, indicate that Campbell’s attire was discovered apart from the deceased individual, and it was observed that a life vest was not being utilized. A number of further significant particulars pertaining to the drowning occurrence, transpiring on the 23rd of July in the year 2023, within the geographical location of Martha’s Vineyard, were withheld or censored.

The publicly disclosed records also encompass a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) incident report that is dated July 23rd.

Secret Service Agent [redacted] adv swimmers unable to locate the party at this time. Party last scene [sic] wearing all black, on a paddle board, African American male.

Rev’vd a 911 call from the above noted RP [reporting person] who identified as a Secret Service member. RP is req [requesting] at least an ambulance response, unsure of the exact services needed.

RP advd best access is from the residence, they are deploying a rescue swimmer and a zodiac boat right now.

RP adv no lifevest was worn, they have recovered the paddle board and clothing. Still no contact with missing party. They still have a boat and rescue swimmers in the area.

According to a Secret Service Agent [redacted], it was seen that the swimmers were unable to locate the individual at that particular juncture. The individual who is currently unaccounted for was last observed wearing attire entirely of a black hue, engaging in the activity of paddleboarding, and is identified as a male of African American descent.

A communication was received via the emergency telephone line, often known as 911, from an individual who self-identified as a member of the Secret Service. The research participant (RP) made a request for an ambulance, however, they expressed uncertainty regarding the further services that may be necessary. The RP also suggested that the most optimal point of access was through a neighboring dwelling, and that both a rescue swimmer and a zodiac boat were being deployed.

The individual did not wear a life vest, and although the paddleboard and clothing have been retrieved, there remains a lack of communication with the individual who is still missing. During that period, rescue swimmers and a boat continued to be present in the vicinity.

According to the provided documents, it is indicated that the Oak Bluffs Fire Department initiated the deployment of a dive team at precisely 8:25 p.m. By 20:36 hours, an aerial unit from the Coast Guard as well as a helicopter from the state police were sent.

According to the email sent by Police Chief Bruce McNamee, it was noted that the Massachusetts State Police had requested the redaction of the names of a witness and a Secret Service agent in the following reports.

The establishment of the search operations headquarters took place at Wilson’s Landing, a frequently utilized boat launch site. The search efforts were carried out by dive and search teams hailing from Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, and West Tisbury.

The day after, Sergeant William Bishop said:

Once on location [Wilson’s Landing] we established a command post. I requested through MSP a search helicopter, and Chief Schaeffer requested a USCG helicopter as well. Search & Dive teams from Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, West Tisbury responded via mutual aid. An extensive search began for several hours. A last known location was established, and Trooper Shaw of MSP also assisted with operations.

I instructed Officer Guest and Officer Dacey to commence a shoreline search effort starting from the closest house and working outward. Both Officers checked every house with waterfront access in the search area. Unfortunately, the search did not yield and results.

Both air wings conducted a search until their fuel supply forced a return to base.

At or about 11PM the dive and land search was suspended. Edgartown and Oak Bluffs Fire planned to continue a grid search by boat for the remainder of the night. At first light, dive team operations will continue. During the duration of this incident the entrance to Wilson’s Landing was closed as to give responders room to work.

The next morning the dive team search continued, and a deceased Mr. Campbell was located using sonar. The investigation will now be handled by Massachusetts State Police and The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office. No further action.

“It is concerning that Judicial Watch had to push and push for information on this tragic death, such as the new revelation that the Obama’s Secret Service protection reported Mr. Campbell missing,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton remarked.

There are still unanswered questions around Tafari Campbell’s passing. The situation is further complicated by this additional revelation.

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