This snap election was called by President Emmanuel Macron after his ruling Renaissance party was crushed in the June 9th elections for the European Parliament. The opposition party in France, nationalists led mostly by Marine Le Pen, won resounding victories in the EU election.
President Macron took a gamble to immediately call for a French snap election; the intention was to prove the “far-right” did not have much support. However, that gamble might backfire as polls show the French National Assembly could very easily flip.
Politico reports the Biden White House is very concerned that Macron might lose his ability to protect the interests of American leftists. The Clinton-Obama-Clinton operation (Charles Rivkin project) has been manipulating French politics for a long time, and the multinational corporations who use France and Germany are a little concerned. USA interests in France, which could very well extend to USA interests in Ukraine, are at stake in this risky gamble by President Macron.


Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally won the first round of legislative elections on Sunday, leaving incumbent president Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance lagging in third behind the left, projections by polling groups said.

The projections gave the RN 34.5% of the vote, compared to 28.5-29.1% for the left-wing New Popular Front alliance, and 20.5-21.5% for Macron’s centrist camp.

The first round of this year’s election, called by Macron after a devastating loss in the European Parliament elections earlier this month, saw record levels of turn out.

If he loses will try to push another snap election